Lyoness and the debacle of India

“Greed is a tramp”, used to say a well-known Viennese bank manager. This describes best the current debacle of Lyoness in India.

Thanks to the support – by inactivity – of the Prosecutor´s Office Against Economic Crime and Corruption back in Austria, Lyoness currently enjoys its “supposed unassailability”, but after Germany, problems arise now also in India. The problems on the Indian market are quite acute and explanations are being demanded. What happened?

If the responsible at Lyoness had prepared thoroughly, they would have noticed that company managers in India using a similar sales structure, like Tupperware or Herbalife, had been arrested by the dozens.

The apparently huge Indian market seemed highly profitable to Lyoness bosses, but the bosses underestimated the local legislation. Greed was stronger and before an official registration/authorization was in place, they got busy selling “Country Packages India” as a passive source of income for credulous Lyoness members.

The billing systems and online trading that Lyoness plans for India are almost impossible to justify to the authorities.  According to recent reports however, Lyoness claims to have overcome the impossible.

On May 21, 2016, an “opening Event” was held in the hotel Regency/New Delhi. The website “” is online too, but only the online shops are displayed. All members having participated in the Indian billing program for over three years may know recommend the loyalty program in India. BUT!

Indian authorities have carefully denied the existence of an authorization for the newly founded Lyoness India Private Ltd, New Delhi and all associated companies of the Lyoness structure.

Lyoness is playing with fire out of necessity, as three years ago, they sold something still inexistent today. Now it performs small tricks for the benefit of far distant Europe to pretend that all is going to finally start.

Perhaps Lyoness should think about how they are going to explain to their plain members how certain elements could stick quit some Lyoness-India positions into their pockets already in 2013, when these will only be activated in 2014/2015.

Lyoness still suspect of alleged system manipulation: evidence keeps growing! Relevant mail messages of a high-rank “Lyoness Officer” appeared!!!


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