How Lyoness takes its members for fools with and in “Asia/Arabia“!

If Lyoness is “reorienting” itself and focusing on Cashback, what have they been doing during the past 13 years? Why hasn´t Lyoness publicly responded to these questions?

Lyoness sues and opts for a step forward in India!

Oh dear……Lyoness is suing for business and reputational damage. We´re not particularly concerned about this claim, the articles published are well researched and all facts described accordingly.

Complaint due to careless investigation by the Prosecutor´s Office

We don´t want to accept the closing of the criminal investigations by the Austrian Prosecutor´s Office Against Economic Crime and Corruption (WKStA) into suspicions of systematic fraud and pyramid scheme on April 2016 and have therefore involved the Senior Public Prosecutor’s Office (OSTA) and presented a comprehensive disciplinary complaint.

Chain stores keep their distance from Lyoness

Lyoness likes to adorn itself with borrowed plumes and published the names of several “partners” on its website – e.g. Kika/Leiner,, Lego, Microsoft, Nike, Nordsee, OMV, Stiefelkönig, Palmers, Swarovski… and many more. Sometimes these don´t even know about it.

Researching on Lyoness in South Africa, India and in the U.S.

We worked a lot in July this year – we were on the road and did some research on the spot. We travelled to South Africa, the U.S. and India and met with representatives of local authorities and with Lyoness-SMs.