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Inheritance Cases

Nobody likes to deal with death. Perhaps that’s why there are so many misconceptions when it comes to inheritance and gifts. It’s even worse when unexpected problems arise during the distribution of the inheritance. There are several pitfalls lurking in inheritance that you should avoid if possible.

If there is no will, statutory succession applies. In contrast to a will, a notarial deed is required for a gift agreement. In a community of heirs, disputes can quickly arise between the many members.

Even if the separation of property is agreed upon in a marriage contract, inheritance claims may turn out to be lower than expected. In line with the increase in inheritance cases, the number of inheritance disputes before German and Austrian courts is also on the rise. On average, these proceedings last seven years, wasting many resources.

  • Are you planning an inheritance or do you, as the testator, wish to examine a beneficiary?
  • Have you inherited but are trapped in/with a community of heirs?
  • Are you questioning the legitimacy of an heir?
  • Do you believe your inheritance claims are at risk from third parties?

We will help you to ensure that your inheritance does not become a problem. Our experienced team will take a thorough look at your situation and, with the support of specialist lawyers, business investigators etc. from a wide range of legal fields (both national and international), we will take a complex approach to your problem in order to resolve it promptly. Our motto is to always approach each case in greater depth than usual and thus fulfill your every wish and turn your hopes into results. You can ALWAYS reach us!

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