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Pecuniary loss is understood to mean the causing of a pecuniary disadvantage to a person or a group of persons. A distinction is made between genuine/pure financial loss and non-genuine financial loss. Typical financial loss is the reduction in assets caused by fraud and other property offenses. In criminological terms, financial loss is the consequence of a property crime. Otherwise, the defrauded party is mainly dependent on civil law.

The latest figures from the Austrian National Bank show that Austrian households have suffered a massive loss of assets. Germans are also experiencing a culture shock, as their money is no longer working for them as it used to. (The significant falls on the stock markets were to blame. Even once safe investments are being eaten up by the euro crisis). According to a Hermes study, white-collar crime is also widespread in Europe. Around 86% of all companies have or have already had problems with it. So there is a need for action.

  • Have you lost money / assets and don’t know what to do?
  • Do you suspect fraud?
  • Do you suspect a dubious act against you?
  • Are you involved in a “chain game/pyramid scheme” and need help?

Thanks to our many years of experience and close cooperation in a network of lawyers from a wide range of disciplines, business investigation agencies and banking information centers, we solve such problems promptly, efficiently and effectively.

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