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DISCRETION and CONFIDENTIALITY are our top priorities

Irrespective of where you stand in life it sometimes turns out to be more difficult than expected to simultaneously manage emotional events which have an economic or existential impact. Frequently the causes for certain problems are rather to be found on an emotional than an objective factual basis. However, once limits are reached or exceeded rational thinking is obviously affected. We consider mediation as the desirable way to resolve conflicts and always suggest mediation as a first choice.

Our strength is especially reflected when the opposing party shows an unobjective and presumptuous demeanor resulting in a detrimental impact on our client.

BE offers the customer everything from one source: a network of professionally working lawyers, accountants, notaries, banks, detective agencies, debt collection agencies, etc. all of which are targeting on resolving customer-specific matters.

Furthermore, being in the position of your consultant we shall gladly accompany you or attend your business meetings on your behalf and we do put emphasis on keeping you updated on the progress of research, development and results.

We identify ourselves with the problems of our customers and by reacting with creative measures we shall make you smile again.

BE Conflict Management is a service provided by BECM Inc.

Our Services

Divorce Matters

Are you wondering where the money of your spouse has gone to during marriage?

Has the spouse who is under the obligation for alimony payments concealed/transferred/misdeclared his assets?

Do you plan or sense an upcoming separation and are looking for the best financial solution?

Inheritance Disputes

The increasing numbers of inheritance cases provoke an increase of inheritance disputes before German and Austrian courts. On average these legal procedures take up to seven years and meanwhile many resources are wasted.

Are you planning a legacy or as a testator wish to evaluate a beneficiary?

You have inherited but find yourself in the midst of a community of joint heirs?

Do you question the legality of heritage?

Current Recommendation on Participating Loans

Especially for a business start-up, expansion, financial regulation, etc. participating loans grow in popularity but caution is advised since purpose and correct formulation are of particular importance.

Business/Company Issues

Should you have any questions concerning business takeovers or when dealing with potential, existing and/or defaulting business partner please contact us via contact form [contact form] or e-mail:

Debt Claims

Should you have questions concerning possible or existing and/or defaulting debtors please contact us via contact form [contact form] or e-mail:

Lost of Assets

Should you have any questions concerning an occurred and/or impending loss of assets please contact us via contact form [contact form] or e-mail:

Explanatory Note

Note: Legal advice/tax advice is given by our professional lawyers and tax consultants.