Karatbars, GSPartners&Co

Harald Seiz founded Karatbars in 2011, but all related companies have failed and every aggrieved party should secure a refund of their investment. This company construction is a true chameleon, new idea results in a new company. About credit cards with integrated gold threads, fake purchases of gold mines in Madagascar, alleged bank purchases in the USA, the KaratBank Coin without a trading platform or physical gold as security for deposits. Nothing worked.

GS Partners deactivates its website after several injunctions.

GS Partners reportedly took its website “gspartners.global” offline in mid-March 2024. This action comes as little surprise as the company and all of its subcontractors have been hit by regulatory fraud warnings and investigations.  The Swiss Valorem Bank website was deactivated at the beginning of January this year.  Last November, the TSSB (Texas State Securities […]

Harald Seiz presents his next endeavor: The Minebase Webinar 

On September 25th, 2023, the founder of Karatbars, now Minebase.com, Harald Seiz, makes a public appearance in an online webinar to promote his new cryptocurrency scheme. Within the first minutes of the webinar, Seiz attempts to sell  cryptocurrency as “the future” claiming there are currently over 3,000 digital currencies. In November 2019, the BaFin (Federal […]

GSPartners and cooperation partner of Karatbars is blocked by METAMASK: Observers and authorities warn against Ponzi scheme!

MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs that offers security features to protect digital assets. The application, encryption and protection against phishing attacks makes MetaMask a safe place to manage crypto investments. As a result, operators arguably have no problem removing online scams from their platform, as was the case most […]

Karatbars/AcuaWellington/GSPartners & Minebase.com – Harald Seiz, Josip Heit & Deni Gregorec! Believable coincidences?! 

Did Harald Seiz sell Karatbars to AcuaWellington after the collapse of his KBC-Coin or did he simply transfer it to himself, as is speculated in online forums?   Karatbars’ website states the former in their disclaimer.  AcuaWellington is an online broker based in New York. The company lists mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, asset purchases and management […]

Yes, there is an arrest warrant against Karatbars operator Harald Seiz! But in a different matter!  

Is former gold vendor Harald Seiz escaping the law? The district court of Stuttgart has issued an arrest warrant against Harald Seiz in March of 2023 because he did not appear to submit a declaration of assets at the request of a creditor. This is not related to the failed cryptocurrency KBC. He is said […]

Karatbars International – The Beautiful Appearance!

Harald Seiz launched the gold trading company Karatbars in 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. In the years that followed he explored other business ideas, including a smartphone series, banknotes with gold woven into them, and a gold-backed cryptocurrency: paradise for doomsday preppers. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) ordered his  KaratGold Coin (KBC) to cease […]