GSPartners and cooperation partner of Karatbars is blocked by METAMASK: Observers and authorities warn against Ponzi scheme!

MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs that offers security features to protect digital assets. The application, encryption and protection against phishing attacks makes MetaMask a safe place to manage crypto investments. As a result, operators arguably have no problem removing online scams from their platform, as was the case most recently with three domains ( belonging to GS-Partners.   

According to online platforms, a Security Engineer under the username “legobeat” requested on August 4th of this year that GS-Partners be added to Metamask’s blocklist. The moderator justified his request by saying that GS-Partners was selling false dreams and falsely claiming to be a PIVX author. Support Product Lead Alex Herman granted this request one day later.   

On the same day, GS-Partners protested the blocking under the username “gspdevelopment” and asked for it to be lifted on the grounds that “” was a legitimate and registered marketing platform. Five days later, Alex Herman announced that the blocking of the domains would not be lifted after further investigation. Later, Herman let another user know that the blocking was explicitly due to “nefarious activity.”   

GS-Partners’ objections are demonstrably incorrect: 

Last year, for example, the Central Bank of the Comoros warned of misrepresentations about regulatory approval for offshore banking transactions by the main company GSB Gold Standard Bank.   

Earlier this year, the Autorite des Marches Financiers

Quebec warned of securities fraud on the part of

GSPartners, in the same month the Alberta Securities

Commission added GSTrade and G999 to its Investment

Caution List and shortly thereafter also GSPartners, due to

securities fraud.   

In addition, there was a warning from the British Columbia

Securities Commission for securities fraud for: GSPartners,

GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd, GSB Gold Standard Bank

Ltd, Gold Standard Trade, Lydian World, G999, GSTrade

and Swiss Valorem Bank.   

On top of that the Ontario Securities Commission imposed

a securities fraud warning on GSPartners and Swiss

Valorem Bank. 

Not only in Canada, but also in the U.S., GS-Partners is

allegedly violating the law, since there seems to be no

registration with either the SEC or any U.S. state securities


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