Newsletter October 2022

Freidl’s IPO – Marketers are denied answers!

Link: DELOITTE denies is available below the article! DELOITTE denies: Deloitte denies cooperation with myWorld! Deloitte denies cooperation with myWorld! – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT ( DELOTTE response email:

Cryptix AG – Separation due to unpaid invoices?

What Lyconet-Leader Markus Käfer and Denis Scibiorski owe prospective shareholders in terms of answers!

The myWorld share is marketed as a benefit, i.e. as an additional gift, and at the same time as a great opportunity to make money on the stock market. Although so far, shareholders have not been given the decisive answers.  How about you ask your upline the following questions:  Which company will actually be listed […]

The Promises of Lyconet: myWorld & Elite Seminar

District Courts Graz (3 R 174/21m) Hubert Freidl’s Lyoness fails again in court!

The mother of all Lyoness companies, Lyoness Europe AG based in Buchs, Switzerland, has once again been dismissed by a court.  The substantiation regarding the place of jurisdiction was rejected by the court and the lawyers’ usual confusion tactics did not score any points at Graz Regional Court either. Hubert Freidl is not likely to […]

StoxDC – Hands off offshore brokers

Smartswiftfx – Poorly hidden scam?

ALG Wealth Management – On the gray market