What Lyconet-Leader Markus Käfer and Denis Scibiorski owe prospective shareholders in terms of answers!

The myWorld share is marketed as a benefit, i.e. as an additional gift, and at the same time as a great opportunity to make money on the stock market. Although so far, shareholders have not been given the decisive answers. 

How about you ask your upline the following questions: 

Which company will actually be listed at which stock exchange? 

Does this company fulfil the requirements to be listed at a stock exchange? 

Or does the company at least meet the admission requirements for an IPO? 

When and where did the application for admission to the regulated market take place? 

If the IPO is to take place next year, should an IPO number or at least an official application for it have been submitted to an exchange supervisory authority by now? 

With which authority have the required financial statements according to IAS or US-GAAP been filed? The stock exchange and financial market supervisory authorities require publicly available quarterly reports from companies. Where can these be found and why have common IPO publications not been made? 

And finally, are you wondering why former top marketers such as Andreas Matuska, Nicolas Krause, Giuliano Esposito and others turned their backs on Hubert Freidl after he announced the IPO and referred to false figures on market values in a video? 

The statements made by Markus Käfer and Denis Scibiorski in the chat groups stating that everything about the IPO would be “announced at some point”, that 25% of the balance sheet profit would be distributed to the shareholders and that myWorld itself has a high value as a company, are probably intended to further appease marketers. 

It remains in question as to which company the 25 % of balance sheet profit were supposed to refer to. To a myWorld company in England or maybe one in Switzerland? Or one in Liechtenstein or even to the EliteClub Foundation in Dubai? 

Preparing a balance sheet will be a challenge in general, as myWorld company register extracts show that the company value is no more than a few hundred British pounds of deposit and the last balance sheet submitted is from 2019. This speaks for itself, but it certainly does not convey security. 

Soon there will be a TV report on this with all sources and links to the respective companies by Hubert Freidl! 

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