Lyoness Europe AG / Summons to court for bankruptcy proceedings! myWorld International AG and the alleged plan behind it!

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, Lyoness Europe AG, with its registered office in Buchs, has a summons at the District Court of Werderberg-Sarganserland/Switzerland. This application was made on behalf of a Swiss claimant, as Lyoness refused to pay his five-digit claim amount, although the claim was confirmed by a Swiss court. We are publishing this […]

myWorld Poland sp. Z o.o accounts remain frozen: “DECISION of the District Prosecutor’s Office……

…to freeze the funds in the bank accounts, disallow the application of asset protection and disallow the admission of physical evidence from funds.” Last year, myWorld accounts were frozen in Poland as a result of a criminal investigation. The charges included crimes of fraud in relation to third party assets. An urgent suspicion is a […]

Karatbars/AcuaWellington/GSPartners & – Harald Seiz, Josip Heit & Deni Gregorec! Believable coincidences?! 

Did Harald Seiz sell Karatbars to AcuaWellington after the collapse of his KBC-Coin or did he simply transfer it to himself, as is speculated in online forums?   Karatbars’ website states the former in their disclaimer.  AcuaWellington is an online broker based in New York. The company lists mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, asset purchases and management […]

Yes, there is an arrest warrant against Karatbars operator Harald Seiz! But in a different matter!  

Is former gold vendor Harald Seiz escaping the law? The district court of Stuttgart has issued an arrest warrant against Harald Seiz in March of 2023 because he did not appear to submit a declaration of assets at the request of a creditor. This is not related to the failed cryptocurrency KBC. He is said […]

Registered shares with restricted transferability and myWorld International AG as issuer? How is that supposed to work?  

Finally, there is an issuer with a name that claims to want to go public: myWorld International AG, Grazbachgasse 87 -93, 8010 Graz, FN: 389134g.   But where is the stock exchange admission, the ISIN (WKN or securities identification number has become obsolete and was replaced on April 22nd by the ISIN, International Security Identification Number). The […]

Karatbars International – The Beautiful Appearance!

Harald Seiz launched the gold trading company Karatbars in 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. In the years that followed he explored other business ideas, including a smartphone series, banknotes with gold woven into them, and a gold-backed cryptocurrency: paradise for doomsday preppers. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) ordered his  KaratGold Coin (KBC) to cease […]

myWorld Outlook for June 2023! IPO already a farce!

In the regular Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld “outlook” video message, founder Hubert Freidl first shows the highlights from the Leader Seminar and Leader Convention in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the company elites celebrate each other and work on their next coup. New Slovenian presidents are praised as successful marketers. Those who know Lyconet also know that it won’t last, […]