Lyoness Europe AG / Summons to court for bankruptcy proceedings! myWorld International AG and the alleged plan behind it!

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, Lyoness Europe AG, with its registered office in Buchs, has a summons at the District Court of Werderberg-Sarganserland/Switzerland.

This application was made on behalf of a Swiss claimant, as Lyoness refused to pay his five-digit claim amount, although the claim was confirmed by a Swiss court.

We are publishing this in order to show how Hubert Freidl is now trying to avoid his obligations and is creating new problems for himself with his, for us, “faked IPO”.

myWorld International AG and the alleged plan behind it!

What is going on in the minds of the marketers who are clinging to this IPO can only be guessed at. For it defies all logic and normal stock market procedures.

myWorld International AG still owes its prospective shareholders some answers.

Where is the verified stock exchange readiness on the part of a financial authority?

On which stock exchange is the share listed?

Do the marketers really believe that the share will be traded somewhere at the time of the elite seminar in Gelsenkirchen? Certainly not!

Company shares are issued and sold to marketers as shares

with printed certificates. For this reason Hubert Freidl

recently increased the share capital of his myWorld

International AG to 100,000,000 million EURO for little


This way he can bind all compliant marketers who have switched to mSP with his restricted shares for further years. In this way he can gradually turn the shares in myWorld International AG into money for his personal benefit and you marketers/shareholders whoes money is held there can only watch.

Because without the consent of myWorld International AG, they are not even allowed to sell their own shares.

Apart from that, who would want this worthless piece of paper?

myWorld Poland sp. Z o.o accounts remain frozen: “DECISION of the District Prosecutor’s Office……

…to freeze the funds in the bank accounts, disallow the application of asset protection and disallow the admission of physical evidence from funds.”

Last year, myWorld accounts were frozen in Poland as a result of a criminal investigation.

The charges included crimes of fraud in relation to third party assets. An urgent suspicion is a prerequisite for freezing an account, and the public prosecutor’s office considers this to be the case.

Source: Lyconet

An appeal was filed against this, which was initially granted at the end of September last year, but was overturned again in mid-October 2022 and the accounts were blocked further.

You can translate the text from German with programmes. In our experience, this is better than from Polish!

Certified translation in German

Order in the original in Polish

Here is a summary of the most important reasons given by the district attorney’s office:

Quote: “Representatives of the company Lyoness Europe AG have, in a conscious and deliberate conspiracy, carried out acts in relation to means of payment which originate from a benefit from a criminal offence, via bank accounts at ING Bankski S.A., which may frustrate or significantly impede the identification of the criminal origin of the funds or their location, their detection, their seizure or their forfeiture”.

Quote: “Representatives of the Lyconet Marketing Programme have, for the purpose of obtaining pecuniary advantage, misled a number of persons into adverse disposition of their property by deceiving such persons about the possibility of obtaining pecuniary advantage through investment and participation in the programme.”

Quote: “They collected funds from scheme members as part of the sale of participation in profits and subsequently charged the collected funds with investment risk without having the required authorisation.”

Quote: “……that in the reality of the facts analysed, the bank and its activity were used for criminal purposes, as the bank accounts were used for the collection of the funds derived from crimes, as well as for money laundering, as can be seen from the related memorandum of the Inspector General of Financial Intelligence (pages 2892-2921, vol. XV).”  

It is hereby stated in writing that the Polish District Prosecutor’s Office shares the opinion of the Norwegian, Italian and Swiss authorities: Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld Poland sp. Z o.o is a marketing system that resembles a Pyramid and or Ponzi scheme, as financial benefits are tied to recruiting others, who in turn pay in – which is also prohibited in Poland.

The District Attorney’s Office also sees evidence that the bank and its activities were used for criminal purposes, as the funds originated from alleged criminal offences or were used for money laundering, which in turn was and is a reason for the freeze.

WARNING!: So this is the company that wants to go public in a fortnight, but is dealing internationally with prohibitions in addition to both civil and criminal proceedings.  

Karatbars/AcuaWellington/GSPartners & – Harald Seiz, Josip Heit & Deni Gregorec! Believable coincidences?! 

Did Harald Seiz sell Karatbars to AcuaWellington after the collapse of his KBC-Coin or did he simply transfer it to himself, as is speculated in online forums?  

Karatbars’ website states the former in their disclaimer. 

AcuaWellington is an online broker based in New York. The company lists mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, asset purchases and management buyouts as its corporate purpose. Many don’t even know that Karatbars was “acquired” or that this change even occurred. However, this is most likely a sham company, which is not registered with the SEC, nor verified anywhere else. Our research and queries with the authorities confirm this. 

Source: Karatbars

According to testimonials, AcuaWellington seems to operate similarly to Karatbars, as many complaints surface online: false claims on the website, T&C’s resemble those of scammers, brokers are constantly calling and urging to invest more, promised returns are too good to be true and payouts are nearly impossible. This is an obvious Ponzi scheme that has absolutely nothing to do with managing private funds, becoming shareholders, or sound financial investment. 

According to the Commercial Register of the Stuttgart District Court, Karatbars International GmbH has been insolvent since April of this year. But this is not the end of the saga: although Harald Seiz seems to have disappeared from the scene, there has been a new managing director since November last year: Deni Gregorec. He runs several other companies in London, resembling the ones of Harald Seiz and Josip Heit.  

Seiz has already formed a dynamic duo with a like-minded individual in the past: Josip Heit. The two reportedly made good money promoting pump-and-dump tokens in Karatbar’s early days, until they fell out and went their separate ways. Josip Heit went on to found GSPartners, an online brokerage that claimed it deals with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Unsurprisingly, this company has also come under negative criticism and was exposed online as a scam.  

Josip Heit & Harald Seiz

The evidence seems to point out that Harald Seiz, Josip

Heit & Deni Gregorec are possibly still unofficially

working together and are trying to cover up the traces of


Minebase is currently the focus of our research, almost all members of Karatbars were contacted by a Minebase team. Under “our team” on the Minebase website Dr. Hc. Harald Seiz to be read. 

Soon we will also have news on this and how it all fits together.

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Yes, there is an arrest warrant against Karatbars operator Harald Seiz! But in a different matter!  

Is former gold vendor Harald Seiz escaping the law? The district court of Stuttgart has issued an arrest warrant against Harald Seiz in March of 2023 because he did not appear to submit a declaration of assets at the request of a creditor. This is not related to the failed cryptocurrency KBC.

He is said to have moved his whereabouts to Thailand. According to BECM insider sources, however, he is said to currently be in Greece and Turkey. An extradition request from Germany to Thailand is not a problem, though. The presumption of innocence applies. 

Harald Seiz planned to make it big with a gold-backed cryptocurrency. But the authorities soon suspected fraud, as there were significant doubts about the existence of said gold reserves.

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has ordered that the reversal of Karatgold Coin (KBC) and Karatbank Coin (KCB) must be initiated, because the digital coins were promoted without a required permission by authorities.   

The gold distributor Karatbars, has reportedly collected 100 million euros for the cryptocurrency KBC. Harald Seiz was supposed to pay the money back to investors by the instructions of BaFin, which has not happened to date. Seitz further claimed that he did not sell the coins online but added them as a bonus when buying other Karatbars products.   

Hedging with gold can make sense because gold is considered a safe haven, meaning that it tends to retain or increase in value in times of economic uncertainty or market volatility. Gold also has a low correlation with other asset classes, which means it offers diversification benefits and can help reduce overall risk in an investment portfolio. Invest wisely and do your own research before investing in a project. It is all the sadder when a real thing is alienated and enriched to the detriment of others. 

We will continue to investigate Harald Seiz and his top marketers. 

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Registered shares with restricted transferability and myWorld International AG as issuer? How is that supposed to work?  

Finally, there is an issuer with a name that claims to want to go public: myWorld International AG, Grazbachgasse 87 -93, 8010 Graz, FN: 389134g.  

But where is the stock exchange admission, the ISIN (WKN or securities identification number has become obsolete and was replaced on April 22nd by the ISIN, International Security Identification Number). The information at what price and where the share is to be traded is still owed to the members.  

Currently, one can view the application for the acquisition of registered preference shares with restricted transferability:  

Source: Lyconet

Before we take a look at restricted registered preferred shares, let’s take a look at the issuer itself:  

So, the myWorld International AG wants to go public, but who really believes that? After having had the balance sheets of the last three years examined and evaluated by expert lawyers, we have our reasonable doubts. The fact of the matter is that myWorld International AG was previously Lyoness Cashback AG, then Lyoness Groupe AG, then mWS myWorld Solutions AG and finally myWorld 360 AG. The current commercial register excerpt and last published balance sheet can be found directly here:

The official stock exchange rules state the following regarding the process: “Before admitting a security to the Official Market or Regulated Market, the Admission Board for Securities checks, on the basis of the Stock Exchange Act and the Stock Exchange Admission Regulation, whether the issuer and the securities meet the admission requirements.” But where can the admission or the application be found?  

There seems to be a great effort being made to get the members who no longer want to participate in the IPO and are waiting for the distribution of their Cloud investments to agree to the new terms.

So, what does the “shareholder” get at the EliteClub seminar on July 7th& 8th 2023?  

Aren’t we supposed to be in the Go-public phase? So where is the required securities prospectus/share prospectus, please? Do members really think they will make money on their shares after July 2023 or that they will be traded anywhere? Highly unlikely! Again, the good Lyconet samaritans are supposed to wait for years.

Please wake up!!!

Source: Dreamchasers: Translation: Now it’s official!!! – myWorld will go public in July 2023 – and YOU can already participate now!
Source: Dreamchasers

Stocks or just company shares? Registered shares that later become company shares? If one reads the disclaimer of myWorld, only the latter option remains, IPO or not. And that is exactly where the journey will lead us unfortunately, my dear members.  

In addition, registered shares with restricted transferability have a number of “special features”, especially for a company like myWorld International AG. 

The registered share with restricted transferability is a special form of registered share. The owner is recorded in the share register, but if a registered share with restricted transferability is to be sold, the consent of the corporation is required. Unless otherwise decided in the Articles of Association, the Board of Management of a corporation votes on the transfer. The transfer can therefore be rejected by the corporation. Plus: can someone finally let us know where this IPO is to take place? 

The corporation is liable with its corporate assets. The shareholders are obliged to pay the contributions they have made. Additionally, the articles of association may include further obligations. The Articles of Incorporation of myWorld International AG should therefore be read very carefully regarding liability, especially if the shares become company shares after all and one is to be considered a shareholder!  

For private investors and investing companies, it can be a disadvantage if shares are not allowed to be traded at the time it would make economic sense.  

The public limited company is able to ensure that all sales of shares are blocked by means of registered shares with restricted transferability – even if one would like to sell the shares at a profit, one remains stuck with them due to regulation.  

Appropriately, the “wheel of changing names” has been turning again in London, more on this in the upcoming article

Karatbars International – The Beautiful Appearance!

Harald Seiz launched the gold trading company Karatbars in 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany. In the years that followed he explored other business ideas, including a smartphone series, banknotes with gold woven into them, and a gold-backed cryptocurrency: paradise for doomsday preppers. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) ordered his  KaratGold Coin (KBC) to cease marketing and fully reverse its revenue.  

At first, Karatbars focused on gold as a gift trade, rather than an investment. However, the units offered were so small that it made production too expensive and unprofitable. Later credit cards infused with gold threads (Karatbars Gold) and the IMPulse K phone, a voice-over-blockchain smartphone were advertised, though there is a widespread agreement that it was vaporware. In addition, there was KaratPAY, an online platform, K-Exchange a planned shopping community and Cashgold, which were banknotes with real gold thread woven in, which never hit the market.  

Karatbars International – The beautiful appearance is deceptive!

The BaFin noticed the cryptocurrency Karatgold Coin (KBC) because the Belize-based issuer Karatbit Foundation put KBC into circulation without having the necessary permission to do so. The cryptocurrency was traded in Germany via the Karatbit trading platform. Since the 11th of November 2019 the website states: “The decision of BaFin is in principle immediately enforceable by law. The notice is final.” Actually, Karatbars should have already paid back the investors. The renowned Handelsblatt reported investments amounting to 100 million euros at the time, to which Harald Seiz replied that he would not follow the authority’s order.  

KaratGold (KBC) is a cryptocurrency that has been in circulation since 2018. Karatbars International also announced it had purchased a bank in Miami. The claim that KBC is backed by gold was retracted. It was also reported that the unlicensed Miami bank had purchased a gold mine in Madagascar, but the documents proving the purchase appeared to be falsified. It said that the mine in question was not mining gold, but titanium and zircon mined by another company. 

KaratBank Coin (KCB) is another cryptocurrency issued by the foundation in Belize. The KCB is intended to be a blockchain-based investment that combines the benefits of gold and cryptocurrencies. The coin is said to be digitally tradable and based on a certain weight of gold. Karatbars International claimed that KCB can be exchanged for physical gold or any currency at any time. However, this cannot be verified now as the coin is no longer traded.  

KaratGold and all related companies have failed, and every affected victim should secure their return on investment.  

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myWorld Outlook for June 2023! IPO already a farce!

In the regular Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld “outlook” video message, founder Hubert Freidl first shows the highlights from the Leader Seminar and Leader Convention in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the company elites celebrate each other and work on their next coup. New Slovenian presidents are praised as successful marketers. Those who know Lyconet also know that it won’t last, since the marketers quickly burn out and seek their fortune elsewhere.  

According to the video, there is a new Lyconet International Headquarters in Graz, directly connected to myWorld, but the photo or video evidence of it does not look very convincing. Otherwise, the focus is on customers, partners, and the expansion of the shopping community: new CMO Denise Stadtegger talks about a new app, improvement of the landing page and product ads tailored to customers. Additionally, there will be a “how it works page” to explain the advantages of the business model.   

Source: Lyconet

Customers, products, customer-oriented online tools? It all sounds good, doesn’t it? But what is suddenly no longer talked about is the IPO. There is constant talk of the “EVENT”, but it seems as if no one dares to use the word “IPO” directly anymore. Instead of receiving information about it, members are encouraged to invest money in new incentive programs.  

To attract new SMEs as partners, there is the “myworld free partnership program”. With every one-time order, you get partnership codes that waive the set-up fee for the new partner. With the promo code commission, marketers supposedly receive 1 % of the turnover from the new partner. As always, those codes are “limited” and you have to hurry.  

According to Sharif Omar, everything is just fine in Asia, business info’s are supposedly held every day and everywhere. On 30th of June, the next myWorld press conference Asia is expected, where their new strategies and technologies will be explained and presented. Hubert Freidl will probably also be in Kuala Lumpur, as well as Alfin Abu Talib, the CEO of myWorld Asia, who is already known from the last press conference.  

Finally, Gelsenkirchen is mentioned: Sharif Omar affirms that if one knew everything that was going on in the background regarding the event, one would not be able to sleep until the event. We are convinced that considering the thousands of euros that marketers have paid for their shares so far, they have not been able to sleep well for quite some time. 

“We will distribute the myWorld International shares live at the event”

“From this moment on, you will be a shareholder

Source: Lyconet
Source: Lyconet

The IPO seems to lose its importance, but according to Hubert Freidl, you will become a shareholder at the event. If you go through the know-your-customer process, sign “legal documentations” by June 30th and are physically present at the event on both days. If you still have money to spare, you can book the Platinum Lounge, which costs 299 euros on top of the ticket price. In return, you get fast track, better seats, catering and a translation service.   

Finally, the next “opportunity”, called Dragon Contest is thrown out there: for every SP order placed in June you get double the benefits. It looks like they really have to milk it before the discontent among the marketers increases again if the IPO falls flat.  

There is no information about when and where the IPO will take place and at what price the shares will be published. One can only wonder about this “IPO”, as well as what will be offered to the members as replacement. 

More on the KYC process next week!