myWorld Poland sp. Z o.o accounts remain frozen: “DECISION of the District Prosecutor’s Office……

…to freeze the funds in the bank accounts, disallow the application of asset protection and disallow the admission of physical evidence from funds.”

Last year, myWorld accounts were frozen in Poland as a result of a criminal investigation.

The charges included crimes of fraud in relation to third party assets. An urgent suspicion is a prerequisite for freezing an account, and the public prosecutor’s office considers this to be the case.

Source: Lyconet

An appeal was filed against this, which was initially granted at the end of September last year, but was overturned again in mid-October 2022 and the accounts were blocked further.

You can translate the text from German with programmes. In our experience, this is better than from Polish!

Certified translation in German

Order in the original in Polish

Here is a summary of the most important reasons given by the district attorney’s office:

Quote: “Representatives of the company Lyoness Europe AG have, in a conscious and deliberate conspiracy, carried out acts in relation to means of payment which originate from a benefit from a criminal offence, via bank accounts at ING Bankski S.A., which may frustrate or significantly impede the identification of the criminal origin of the funds or their location, their detection, their seizure or their forfeiture”.

Quote: “Representatives of the Lyconet Marketing Programme have, for the purpose of obtaining pecuniary advantage, misled a number of persons into adverse disposition of their property by deceiving such persons about the possibility of obtaining pecuniary advantage through investment and participation in the programme.”

Quote: “They collected funds from scheme members as part of the sale of participation in profits and subsequently charged the collected funds with investment risk without having the required authorisation.”

Quote: “……that in the reality of the facts analysed, the bank and its activity were used for criminal purposes, as the bank accounts were used for the collection of the funds derived from crimes, as well as for money laundering, as can be seen from the related memorandum of the Inspector General of Financial Intelligence (pages 2892-2921, vol. XV).”  

It is hereby stated in writing that the Polish District Prosecutor’s Office shares the opinion of the Norwegian, Italian and Swiss authorities: Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld Poland sp. Z o.o is a marketing system that resembles a Pyramid and or Ponzi scheme, as financial benefits are tied to recruiting others, who in turn pay in – which is also prohibited in Poland.

The District Attorney’s Office also sees evidence that the bank and its activities were used for criminal purposes, as the funds originated from alleged criminal offences or were used for money laundering, which in turn was and is a reason for the freeze.

WARNING!: So this is the company that wants to go public in a fortnight, but is dealing internationally with prohibitions in addition to both civil and criminal proceedings.  

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