Karatbars/AcuaWellington/GSPartners & Minebase.com – Harald Seiz, Josip Heit & Deni Gregorec! Believable coincidences?! 

Did Harald Seiz sell Karatbars to AcuaWellington after the collapse of his KBC-Coin or did he simply transfer it to himself, as is speculated in online forums?  

Karatbars’ website states the former in their disclaimer. 

AcuaWellington is an online broker based in New York. The company lists mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, asset purchases and management buyouts as its corporate purpose. Many don’t even know that Karatbars was “acquired” or that this change even occurred. However, this is most likely a sham company, which is not registered with the SEC, nor verified anywhere else. Our research and queries with the authorities confirm this. 

Source: Karatbars
Source: Reportscam.net

According to testimonials, AcuaWellington seems to operate similarly to Karatbars, as many complaints surface online: false claims on the website, T&C’s resemble those of scammers, brokers are constantly calling and urging to invest more, promised returns are too good to be true and payouts are nearly impossible. This is an obvious Ponzi scheme that has absolutely nothing to do with managing private funds, becoming shareholders, or sound financial investment. 

According to the Commercial Register of the Stuttgart District Court, Karatbars International GmbH has been insolvent since April of this year. But this is not the end of the saga: although Harald Seiz seems to have disappeared from the scene, there has been a new managing director since November last year: Deni Gregorec. He runs several other companies in London, resembling the ones of Harald Seiz and Josip Heit.  

Seiz has already formed a dynamic duo with a like-minded individual in the past: Josip Heit. The two reportedly made good money promoting pump-and-dump tokens in Karatbar’s early days, until they fell out and went their separate ways. Josip Heit went on to found GSPartners, an online brokerage that claimed it deals with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Unsurprisingly, this company has also come under negative criticism and was exposed online as a scam.  

Josip Heit & Harald Seiz

The evidence seems to point out that Harald Seiz, Josip

Heit & Deni Gregorec are possibly still unofficially

working together and are trying to cover up the traces of


Minebase is currently the focus of our research, almost all members of Karatbars were contacted by a Minebase team. Under “our team” on the Minebase website Dr. Hc. Harald Seiz to be read. 

Soon we will also have news on this and how it all fits together.

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