SAFIR/ZENIQ! The bankruptcy with the HUB, shareholders fooled, stock exchange supervisory authority warns and the path to XERO!

Internal strife: things start to bubble behind the scenes After just a few months of flourishing business, internal disagreements finally lead to a rift in the management team: over the course of 2021, ZENIQ and Safir will transfer six- to seven-figure sums to Vaugee GmbH for the development of an alleged ZENIQ app and the […]

Crypto collapse ZENIQ / Safir / Xera Pro: From hyped hub to global scam? Public prosecutor’s office investigates.

Beware of this hype! What you should know about the ZENIQ / Safir / Xera Pro crypto construct and its sales model The blockchain world is constantly changing, and new products often promise revolutionary changes. One of these supposed revolutions in recent years has been the ZENIQ Hub, touted as an innovative device for managing […]

WISE Bank! Data protection violations and artificial intelligence! Injunction hearing at the Commercial Court on 11 July 2024!

The neo-bank WISE got off to a great start as a fintech company in 2021, but its customer support is catastrophic. This could be due to the AI introduced in 2022, which is relentlessly and not without error in the customer data records. We have already reported on how WISE has been closing customer accounts […]

WISE financial service provider dubious? Access to accounts was deactivated and credit was withheld! Support remains silent!

Wise is a private company based in London, United Kingdom. The company was founded back in 2011, making it one of the first fintech companies. The company started under the name TransferWise and changed its name to Wise in early 2021. A key feature of a WISE account is the ability to receive up to […]

Special on Freidl’s real estate project “Chicago Lane”: What marketers found out themselves and the current status!

Source Images: Riegler & Partner ; BE Conflict Management