SAFIR/ZENIQ! The bankruptcy with the HUB, shareholders fooled, stock exchange supervisory authority warns and the path to XERO!

Internal strife: things start to bubble behind the scenes

After just a few months of flourishing business, internal disagreements finally lead to a rift in the management team: over the course of 2021, ZENIQ and Safir will transfer six- to seven-figure sums to Vaugee GmbH for the development of an alleged ZENIQ app and the associated web and IT services – and these funds will finally be used to produce the masses of hubs ordered, which will only be delivered hesitantly and in small quantities by the end of the year. Suspicions of non-transparent business practices and untraceable transactions led to the business of both companies, ZENIQ Techologies Ltd. and Safir Global DMCC / Safir Global Ltd. being frozen by the owners.  

False promises: First official warning in Dubai

In December 2021, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) clarified that Zeniq Technologies Ltd (Zeniq Technologies) was not authorised by them to offer financial services in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Although Zeniq Technologies was registered as a company in the DIFC, it did not hold a licence from the DFSA to provide financial services. We were told that self-employed MLM distributors were promoting the product with many false promises and – allegedly without consulting the company management – creating their own profiles on social media and even their own websites to attract new investors.

Transparency and ethics: where is the clarity?

As is so often the case, the lack of transparency in the company structure is a characteristic of the MLM model. Who are the brains behind ZENIQ Technologies Ltd? Well-known names such as Erwin Dokter and Johann Steinkeller are involved in sales, but detailed information about their roles and backgrounds often remains in the dark for hub buyers.

The hub moves away: ZENIQ Technologies Ltd. is founded. 

New name, new management team: In May 2021, “ZENIQ Technologies Ltd.” was founded, with Solaiman Al-Rifai from the UAE joining E. Dokter for the management. The “Safir Group” with the companies “Safir Global DMCC” based in Dubai and “Safir Global Ltd.” in the Seychelles acted as distribution partners. Zeniq’s products were to be offered online under the domain 

Event managers at work: Global summit with big announcements

Despite the inconsistencies in the background, outward appearances are still being kept up: the trained event manager E. Dokter is in charge of marketing J. Bollmeyer, W. Kaiser and other “regional directors” for SAFIR such as Asker Sakinmaz (who was convicted in connection with the “Flexkom” pyramid in Belgium in 2020, Mark Münchmeyer and Thomas Englert (who, according to our information, was previously involved in the sale of PLATINCOIN – a warning was issued by Stiftung Warentest in 2018). Several events with international guest lists are being organised to expand the network and sell the promised product to men and women – but presumably above all to give the pyramid even more substance.

Complaints and suspected fraud: what victims tell us

In recent months and weeks, we have received numerous enquiries from injured parties: buyers have complained about hubs that have not been delivered or do not work, a lack of support and delayed or rejected payout requests.

Do your research thoroughly, ask critical questions and be sceptical of excessive promises. This is the only way to make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Are you a victim yourself? Then tell us about your case!

Do you have any relevant information for us? If you have information that supplements or corrects our descriptions, please do not hesitate to share it with us – we are only interested in clarifying dubious business models.

Stay tuned and find out how ZENIQ became XERA.PRO

In the following articles you will learn how Safir and ZENIQ first passed into the hands of the NEO Group and finally merged with “SUCCESS FACTORY” and “THE BLOCKCHAIN ERA”, two other failed crypto pyramids in a “brand new” but well-known Ponzi scheme under the name XERA.PRO.

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