Questionable KYC forms without consideration of the consequences for marketers! A NO is not accepted by the system. 

The KYC forms seem to be a form of coercion. All the questions and forced concessions and it couldn’t get any worse.   

We have accompanied the kyc process with various marketers and there is no way this is voluntary information. It is alleged that many leaders guided their downline through the process. The marketer trusted his upline enough to inform him but can’t even remember the most important questions in the process. Each marketer told us that if they had noticed said questions, they would never have agreed. “She just clicked through and asked me about my personal circumstances” they state repeatedly.   

Each marketer told us that if they had noticed said questions, they would never have agreed. “She just clicked through and asked me about my personal circumstances” they state repeatedly.   

One marketer reports “with the switch and the IPO, there was supposed to be a cloud payout at last, otherwise I would never have agreed to it. Now I’m supposed to wait several more years, but for what?”

Just look at the process and the

questions themselves, a NO is not

accepted by the system. On the


Source: Marketer

“By selecting this option, the application cannot be completed”  

This notice was displayed for every question, so the marketers were forced to agree to the points when in fact they did not. Whether the marketer himself or the leader gave the consent must be clarified in detail. According to our information, the so-called leaders rushed marketers through the process.   

Here are the relevant questions from the video again, which have to be clicked with YES:

  • I have been informed about the opportunities and risks of the investment form of registered preference shares at issue.   
  • MyWorld and Lyconet have not made any oral statements that cancel, mitigate or relativise the risk disclosures in this client profile.   
  • Lyconet has not made any oral promises of success, forecasts of returns or other promises that differ from the documents of the issuer myWorld International AG.   
  • I have decided to acquire the Registered Preference Shares after careful consideration.   
  • I am aware that there is no secondary market or regulated official trading for this investment and that the sale of the registered preference shares is only possible with the consent of myWorld International AG and could also have negative tax consequences.   
  • I have been informed in detail about the risks of the registered preference shares in question, in particular about the risk of losing the entire capital.   
  • I am aware that the past performance of the registered preference share does not permit any statement on the future performance of the investment. A forecast, projected return does not constitute a promise or statement of a specific probability of occurrence.   
  • I have been advised that I am responsible for my own taxation.   
  • I am aware that Lyconet and myWorld are not tax consultants.  
  • If I have any tax questions, I have been advised to consult a tax advisor.  
  • I will inform Lyconet and myWorld immediately of any changes in my personal circumstances etc. If I fail to provide this information, I will have to bear any resulting disadvantages myself.    
  • Lyconet is obliged to monitor the developments of my investment and to notify me of any changes.  
  • I agree to receive a copy of this application/these application forms at the time of the issue of the share. 

The courts will have to determine how this forced switch is to be assessed under criminal and civil law. The forced switch from Lyoness to Lyconet at the time was also appropriately assessed by the courts. 

The myWorld share and its miraculous increase! Leader Jean-Paul Schoor lied to his marketers about the firm that supposedly accompanied the IPO!  

There seems to be no scruples at all at myWorld International AG. Not even 48 hours have passed since Hubert Freidl issued the company shares of myWorld International AG with certificates and the share price is already fixed at € 590. How stupid do they think the marketers are?  

How was this value suddenly generated? The share will never be traded on a free market, that is certain, and it was never intended by Hubert Freidl in the first place.  

The fairy tale of the IPO was only put out there to restore the marketers’ faith.  

The myWorld International AG can set the value arbitrarily, the owner cannot trade the share anyway, only perhaps exchange among themselves with the consent of myWorld.  

This certificate is nothing more than a receipt for how the

marketer has devalued his already deposited money in €500

increments into company shares.  

Top leader Jean-Paul Schoor claimed in his online seminar (Recording available!) that the renowned Austrian law firm Dr. Samhaber & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG would accompany the IPO of myWorld International AG.  

When asked, this was immediately and explicitly denied; rather, Dr. Samhaber was contacted by the public prosecutor’s office as a court-sworn expert on “restricted shares”.  

The law firm Dr. Samhaber & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG, contrary to Mr. Jean-Paul Schoor’s representation, has absolutely and demonstrably nothing to do with this farce of an IPO.  

How does Jean-Paul Schoor come to sell such a lie to his marketers? 

EliteSeminar Gelsenkirchen – No IPO took place! “You’re all shareholders now”, that’s it. Frustration amongst marketers! KYC process becomes part of criminal proceedings.    

The fact is: For marketers who still have parts of their brain intact, it is now time to leave Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld and consider all legal steps!  

Most of the elite seminar’s visitors attended the event because of the announced IPO, which required strong nerves and a lot of patience.  

We could publish entire books with all the announcements, forecasts and promises of Jean-Paul Schoor, Larissa Poppel or myWorld itself. After this event and “the big IPO” in Gelsenkirchen, we are more than curious to hear their explanations.  

Source: Gelsenkirchen 07/08/2023

Before we get into the unnecessarily lengthy event, we deal with the most important topics right away: Hubert Freidl, the IPO and the KYC process.  

The CEO of BE Conflict Management Inc. Ben Ecker attended the event live and finds clear words:

“This event’s only purpose was to further stall the marketers, while the big, announced IPO was dealt with within three minutes. The marketer got his company shares, which they call stock, that’s it. Congratulations, dear marketers, now you have converted your money, which has gone into country packages, clouds, EX etc., into alleged company shares of the myWorld International AG. In the last few days, myWorld International AG has increased its shareholding to 100 million euros, but this does not mean that the equivalent value has also been deposited. Rather, space was created to dump the liabilities on marketers, for the purpose of consolidation.  

B.Ecker CEO

This is how you turn short-term debts into long-term debts. Hence the registered shares with restricted transferability, which can only be traded with the consent of myWorld. In this way, Hubert Freidl can once again avoid paying off the clouds for another few years. The marketer believed in freely tradable shares and now has company shares that are neither tradable nor represent a stable value. The balance sheet of myWorld International AG has been published and speaks for itself.   

 The KYC process, with its questions that can only be answered with YES, is pure fraud. The marketer is forced to tick YES, otherwise he will not get further in the process. This reminds me of the switch from Lyoness to Lyconet 9 or 10 years ago, when the marketer was also forced to check the box. We have documented this new forced changeover and will submit it to the public prosecutors”. (This is a personal and neutral assessment by CEO B. Ecker!) 

Source: Hotel Düsseldorf 08.07,2023

The IPO in question was a farce:

in exactly 3 minutes and 16 seconds Hubert Freidl declares

to his marketers “You are now shareholders” and plays a

video in which a certificate seems to be the measure of all

things. So, what does the myWorld shareholder own now?

NOTHING, that’s right! But why?  

Source: Gelsenkirchen 07/08/2023
Source: Marketer

This so-called share is nothing more than a company share at 500 € of the money already deposited, which is shown on the certificate that one share equals 500 € by myWorld International AG. One week before the elite seminar, the number of shares quickly increased to 100 million, but the share capital did not increase! Presumably and according to logic, the money already deposited by the marketers is now being used for consolidation. Consolidation is understood as the conversion of short-term debts into long-term debts. And so, Hubert Freidl has his marketers firmly under control, with restricted shares, because the company share may only be sold or disposed of with the consent of myWorld. The capital is tied up and even in the event of a total loss, the shareholder has no claim to a refund, because that is what a marketer must agree to in the KYC process.  

And again: there’s a light of hope for all the injured parties because this switch is more than questionable as the marketer was forced to switch.  

The marketer has no choice but to tick the wrong box against his better judgement!  

More on this in the next article  

Gelsenkirchen 2023: Shareholder or not?  

In a new online video directed to Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld members, top marketer Larissa explains how to allegedly become a shareholder at the Elite Seminar in early July. According to her the MSP factsheet contains all the guidelines that are relevant to the “IPO”. Basically, however, it is about how Hubert Freidl’s IPO binds the members to the company for further years without paying out.

Through benefit vouchers or shopping packs acquired in the past, one has accumulated MSP in the Lyconet APP. The MSPs are to be converted into official “shares”, starting from July until the end of the year.    

Source: Member anonymous

Now one is to accept so-called “optimizations” in the backoffice of the app. The accumulated Benefit Voucher Points are doubled and converted into Shopping Points. One Shopping Point suppsedly equals one Euro. She also claims that there are different ways to redeem your Shopping Points in actual cash. But if this were the case, every marketer who has been waiting for their money for years would do exactly that instead of spending money on a ticket while having to continue to have faith. 

To get your “shares” you have to register in the app by the end of July. Since this is regarding “shares in the long run”, it is additionally necessary to upload personal data in a KYC process (know-your-customer process). This is an advantage, she claims, because at the Elite Seminar you get all the shares activated and an additional 10% is given, plus you can sell your shares earlier if you register by the end of June. If you’re not at the event, you can still do that afterwards, but you’ll have to activate your “shares” yourself by shopping via the myWorld shopping community.  

So how does the value come about? One would have to distinguish between MSP and shares, which are not the same value. In this chart, the marketer has a Personal Score of 21,546.66, and his share entitlement is half of these points in euros. Interesting how this calculation is done. In any case, one supposedly gets shares worth 10,773.33 euros. Whether that would be 40,000 or 3 shares, if the company ever goes public. Additionally, the total value of the company myWorld International AG is highly questionable.   

Source: Member anonymous

Due to the required activation, Marketer Larissa suggests to the participants to come to the Event in Gelsenkirchen, since one is “guaranteed” to get all their shares activated. Of course, this is not completely altruistic on her part, because she has pre-purchased tickets in a package and apparently, she still has to get rid of them. Smart, because in her 6 years at Lyconet Larissa has understood how to really make money: by squeezing your downline even more and asking for more investments on top of the money already spent. 

Source: Member anonymous
  1. Optimize Backoffice 
  1. Get a ticket for the Elite Seminar, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can either buy a ticket yourself via the Lyconet App for 399 Euro or you can buy it from me with at least 100 Euro discount! 
  1. Go through the KYC process in the Lyconet App until the 30th of June 2023! + plus, work through the application form in WEB BROWSER! 

I am very much looking forward to this IPO on 7 and 8 July 2023!

And a big thank you to everyone who reported directly from the event for us!