The myWorld share and its miraculous increase! Leader Jean-Paul Schoor lied to his marketers about the firm that supposedly accompanied the IPO!  

There seems to be no scruples at all at myWorld International AG. Not even 48 hours have passed since Hubert Freidl issued the company shares of myWorld International AG with certificates and the share price is already fixed at € 590. How stupid do they think the marketers are?  

How was this value suddenly generated? The share will never be traded on a free market, that is certain, and it was never intended by Hubert Freidl in the first place.  

The fairy tale of the IPO was only put out there to restore the marketers’ faith.  

The myWorld International AG can set the value arbitrarily, the owner cannot trade the share anyway, only perhaps exchange among themselves with the consent of myWorld.  

This certificate is nothing more than a receipt for how the

marketer has devalued his already deposited money in €500

increments into company shares.  

Top leader Jean-Paul Schoor claimed in his online seminar (Recording available!) that the renowned Austrian law firm Dr. Samhaber & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG would accompany the IPO of myWorld International AG.  

When asked, this was immediately and explicitly denied; rather, Dr. Samhaber was contacted by the public prosecutor’s office as a court-sworn expert on “restricted shares”.  

The law firm Dr. Samhaber & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG, contrary to Mr. Jean-Paul Schoor’s representation, has absolutely and demonstrably nothing to do with this farce of an IPO.  

How does Jean-Paul Schoor come to sell such a lie to his marketers? 

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