Freidl’s “Online Sensation!” The overlay of a millisecond shows that it is not a sensation!

What was that, Mr Freidl? The only thing that is sensational is the audacity of how marketers are being robbed of their money over and over again. 2 hours 7 minutes of the well-known self-adulation and the prognosis for the development is the purest cave painting. Not later than when the marketer understands this overlay […]

Freidl’s IPO! ” The circle is closed!” What and who is behind the Cryptix Group and Blocktrade S.A.. Who is actually managing the “big IPO now?”

What we know: As Cryptix AG stated itself on Jan. 22, 2021, neither Cryptix d.o.o. nor any other member of the group was involved in an IPO of myWorld at any time. Also, one never wants to have been in touch with the German BaFin. One denies any cooperation with CM Equity AG, although official […]

myWorld & Lyconet Italy! The supervisory authority imposes a further 3 million euros fine that myWorld and Lyconet Italia are allowed to share!

By a decision (51 pages) of 20 December 2020 (see also and publication on 25.01.2021 by the AGCM (antitrust office and national competition authority). Particularly in Italy as the former strongest market of the Ponzi scheme, myWorld and Lyconet have received the second legal slap from AGCM. See also: Interesting but not surprising is that myWorld […]

Freidl’s IPO! myWorld leaders like Andreas Matuska, Mario Oreggia, Thomas Knittl, Giuliano, Louis Louw lure members/marketers into the “flotation trap” with supposed gifts?

Our “BCR howler monkey” Andreas Matuska once again invokes the good life in his video (3:05) of January 13, 2020, and refers to “gifts to all members.” The other leaders make comparable moves in their group chats. First of all, it should be clear to any reasonably normal person that no one, and certainly not […]

Ominous third-party provider of the Lyoness Mastercard was Lyoness itself!

As already published on 01.07.2016 via various media, there is no business relationship between Lyoness and Mastercard. The Lyoness press spokeswoman Ms. Kelemen was still clueless, the Mastercard was only a test balloon anyway and Lyoness itself was the victim of a “third-party provider”! Research into the ominous third-party provider has shown that it was, […]

Freidl’s IPO! Marketers who change over give up pretty much everything! According to the current BaFin statement, CM Equity AG & Cryptix d.o.o. exited on 18.01.2021!

What is currently conjured up once again in the international chat groups and announced to marketers as the next level with the “Online Sensation” on 30.01.2021 is just the typical brainwashing once again. The visionary Hubert Freidl speaks to his disciples and is announced as if the dear God himself gives one the hand. In […]

mWS myWorld Solutions AG is now called myWorld 360 AG! “Online Sensation” on the 30.01.2021! Will the big IPO be announced now? Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 18.12.2020.

It is well known that Hubert Freidl & Co. like to change the company name and are very inventive when it comes to the allocation of new well-sounding company names. So it is not surprising that mWS myWorld Solutions AG, which is based in Graz/Austria, has now been renamed to myWorld 360 AG at the […]