Freidl’s IPO! Marketers who change over give up pretty much everything! According to the current BaFin statement, CM Equity AG & Cryptix d.o.o. exited on 18.01.2021!

What is currently conjured up once again in the international chat groups and announced to marketers as the next level with the “Online Sensation” on 30.01.2021 is just the typical brainwashing once again. The visionary Hubert Freidl speaks to his disciples and is announced as if the dear God himself gives one the hand.

In the international chat groups the marketers are tuned in by their upline to follow the planned IPO and the extended options that are offered. As always, of course, everything is top-secret and no one really wants to say anything in advance, however, at first hand and of course quite exclusively, the upline is already feeding the people.

Before we go into the “cave paintings” of the individual chat histories, here are a few facts beforehand.

According to the current publication of BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), the Munich-based CM-Equity AG, Cryptix d.o.o. has ceased operations with effect from 18.01.2021. See also: BaFin – ( Register of contractually bound intermediaries

From the founding documents of Blocktrade S.A., which appears under ( in Luxembourg, Cryptix d.o.o. and CM-Equity AG are listed ( – scroll all the way down), but no longer at Bafin. Who is actually managing the IPO now and why was the activity stopped?

On 11.01.2021 the CEO of EM-Equity AG was informed about Hubert Freidl/myWorld/Lyoness/Lyconet and on 18.01.2021 they stop the activity at Coincidence?! The company has been asked to state a statement.

It is all reminds of the 2012/2013 big announced own “Lyoness Mastercard”, what was not evoked at that time: “In three years there will be worldwide only the Lyoness Mastercard!”, Lyoness Mastercard T-shirt etc. were sold. Until July 2016 Hubert Freidl collected a lot of money with the brand name Mastercard until his Lyoness was officially warned off by Mastercard. See also: Despite warnings: Lyoness is still advertising with MasterCard – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT ( Lyoness subsequently presented itself as the victim of a third-party provider, although the ominous third-party provider was demonstrably Lyoness itself. See also: Ominous third-party provider of the Lyoness Mastercard was Lyoness itself! – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT ( Hubert Freidl then took our Mr. Ecker to court for exposing the “Mastercard lie” and lost. The truth is allowed to be told and the publications have been fully documented in court. The articles are up to date and with friendly court approval still online!

According to the group chats, the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) is said to have approved NASDAQ for a listing and in the first quarter of 2022/2023 (here there are different divinations!), the IPO is said to be planned. This is to be published among other things on January 30th, 2021 at the announced and eagerly awaited “Online Sensation”.

The group chats we reproduce here are not from any individual new and unused marketers, but from various Level 6 & Vice Presidents who want to lure their downline into a stock trap.

“January 30th, 2021 is one of the most important days in the history of Hubert Freidl’s company……the groundwork is being laid for an unprecedented IPO, even the prospectuses filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission are being published as NASDAQ has approved the IPO,” people whine in shaky voices into the chat videos.

Now until January 26, 2021, all legacy marketers have time to switch their own BenefitVouchers, Units, Enterprise Clouds, new members, and businesses. And so it goes on in the chats……. “what do you need to do as a marketer now? Sell and get as many people as possible to participate in the “Online Sensation” and increase your share allocation until January 26th, anyone who joins after that will not receive the same value as the older ones. From February on, the calculation will be normal – if you are active now, you will be worth more -.”

Based on the actual monetary value contributed to date by the marketer to the company, the marketer is then to receive a certain number of “preferred shares”. These shares can then be resold or invested. So the hard currency paid in so far becomes with one click speculative shares. In this way, Mr. Hubert Freidl does not have to service the outstanding cloud payouts. The marketer is then a shareholder and one must always reckon with a total loss on the stock exchange.

Further in the chat: “You can buy and sell your MYWORLD shares freely on the stock exchange, just like other domestic and foreign papers of companies. You get shares according to the number of your previous orders/deposits. You can also benefit from MYWORLD CLOUD SHARE, with which you will share in the profits of MyWorld and 140 other companies of the Myworld Group, receiving a monthly income for life (forever).” Has any marker ever looked at the balance sheets of these 140 companies in the myWorld group?! We have taken a look at all the umbrella companies in London and had them evaluated, an article on this will follow shortly.

It is further suggested in the group chats, that those who have been left empty-handed in the distribution of the Clouds so far and have not been active for years, would now have the chance to get their money back and much more. At the same time, one could make a fortune with the shares, one should only think of Microsoft or Bitcoin.

The share of stock that the old marketers receive would grow steadily and from February ’21 to the end of 2021, you could even increase the number of shares. And depending on where and how much one invests now, one doubles or triples one’s share allocation, for example, with the conversion of the Enterprise Cloud one would have a tripling of the shares. The best thing to do now is to invest in the Enterprise Cloud again, as 25% of the total revenue of the myWorld companies as well as the whole purchasing company will be distributed as shares. Awesome (wouldn’t it be so sad) how the marketer is literally being ripped off here.

As a kind of security and confirmation of the seriousness of the project, the high requirements of the SEC/NASDAQ are cited, and that one would be listed next year for sure. Dear Lord in Heaven!

First conclusion: Anyone who participates in this pre-IPO conversion is officially speculating as a shareholder with his money on the stock exchange, if an IPO takes place at all. In the event of a total loss, there is nothing to reclaim. Hubert Freidl’s crisis team, which is permanently busy anyway, is presumably already working on a story to justify the situation if there is no IPO. The “Corona crisis”, which was also responsible for the time delays and pathetic allocations for the clouds, will then probably be blamed once again. But with an exchange of real money of his members into shares Hubert Freidl secures the already paid in and now collected money. Whoever thinks that Hubert Freidl and Marko Sedovnik want to cash in once again and are slowly parking their Learjets in the direction of the Caribbean, is a fool? It’s worth considering!

Guest Author: Nicole Eichner (Media Officer)

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  1. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    SHAME on you Hubert!
    More evidence and proof of deliberate MISLEADING and DECEIVING activities and practices to fool the gullible brainwashed members yet to do their own research and due diligence

  2. Derek Miller
    Derek Miller says:

    What a scam.A very deliberate move to eliminate all the liability of the clouds.
    Another amazing confidence trick from Hubert.


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