Interesting article in major daily newspaper! “How Lyconet rip off their customers with discounts!”

Ban in Norway, tax debt in Turkey, penalties in Italy: despite many conflicts with the authorities, Lyconet and My World continue to solicit members to generate income via vouchers! On July 23, 2021, this article appeared in one of the largest daily newspapers in Austria! Here is the link to the original and below the […]

What has happened so far and what did not happen in 2021!

What happened in the last six months and what does Hubert Freidl surprise us with?

Are the top marketers leaving the bubble? Andreas Matuska, Giuliano Esposito, Ferhat Güngor and others are no longer part of the snowball system Lyoness/Lyconet/myworld.

“Dear Leaders, please direct all questions to Markus Käfer or “Sciby” in future, I will no longer do anything on the network. Questions about this will not be answered, everything is still good between me and everyone – I just want to do my own thing 100% now. I wish you all the best for […]

Hello & Goodbye: Our new moderator at BEKM!

Our MSc. Laura Husar moves to another media company and hands over to MSc. Nadja Messinger!

“eCredits”: Failure with ECR AG at the FMA Liechtenstein! FINTECH LAUNCHPAD LIMITED is now attempting it in London?

ECR AG i.L. (we are currently reporting, Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein officially warns against “eCredits”! – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT ( failed “eCredits” at the FMA Liechtenstein. On June 18, 2021, the FMA Liechtenstein officially warned on their website against “eCredits”. On July 5, 2021 FINTECH LAUNCHPAD LIMITED (Registered office address: 8th Floor, 20 Farringdon Street […]

Lyconet President: Terje Duesund “Shame on you!” TV feature 04.07.2021 in Norway: “Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld and the business ban!” Part 1

Lyconet level 8 Terje Duesund tells TV station: “…….that the Lyoness company behaved illegally. He believes he did not defraud or deceive the participants himself”.  (Detailed contribution from BE-TV will follow shortly!) TV report on the Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld Ponzi scheme! Link: Yvonne har tapt 230 000 kroner – nå saksøker nordmenn shoppingnettverk ( The callousness of […]

BEKM on Tour: A visit to myWorld Italia in Verona!

We from BEKM were in Italy doing research. The aim was to meet the people in charge of Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld there, as we had many questions. In Verona we were able to talk to the CEO of myWorld Italia, Eduardo Moretti, via the intercom. He offered us several times that he would be willing for an […]

Swiss business newspaper “Inside Paradeplatz” headlines: “High-ranking CS director advertises lousy companies!”.

link to the Swiss newspaper: Hoher CS-Direktor macht Werbung für lusche Firmen – Inside Paradeplatz (A TV report with the excerpts of the marketing speeches of Jürg Kränzlin will follow shortly!) This particular high-level Credits Suisse director is in fact Mr. Jürg Kränzlin, Director, Head of Finance & Operations at Bank Credit Suisse. The “senior […]