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A company purchase, also known as an acquisition or takeover or, from the provider’s perspective, a company sale, is an economic and legal transaction in which a company is transferred in whole or in part from the seller to a buyer by means of a purchase agreement in return for payment of the purchase price in cash or in exchange for shares in the buyer company.

While the term “company purchase” is understood as a neutral description of a merger & acquisition transaction, the synonymously used term “company takeover” is characterized more by the power interests of the acquirer. The company is acquired by an acquirer in return for payment of the purchase price or in exchange for shares in the acquiring company as a whole or in part. In legal terms, it is a complex contract that includes the target company as the object of purchase and provides for a purchase price to be paid by the buyer to the seller.

The economic aspects of a company acquisition include the motives for the purchase and the purchase price and its financing.
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Nobody likes giving away money. It is common knowledge that SMEs are at risk due to their customers’ poor payment behavior. However, surprises caused by obscure outstanding debts and possible bad debts can be avoided.

Seven out of ten companies want to take a more critical look at their customers’ creditworthiness. The reason for this increased caution is the rising number of payment defaults: 86 percent of companies expect significantly more customers to be unable to pay their invoices. According to the latest figures from the Deutsche Bundesbank, the average portfolio of accounts receivable of German companies amounts to around 32 percent of total assets or 22 percent of annual turnover.

If your reminders for payment have not led to the desired success, do not hesitate to seek external help. If the customer does not pay even after a third written reminder, commission professional help to realize your claim. The longer you wait to take this step, the less likely it is that you will get your money.

Companies are therefore increasingly looking for support from specialists. More than half of all companies place their credit management in professional hands or at least plan to do so, as the risk of bad debts is constantly increasing. For example, we can handle your debt collection procedures for outstanding claims or check the creditworthiness of a business relationship in advance. We are always there for you and, with the support of our network from the banking sector, debt collection agencies, lawyers, tax consultants, detective agencies, etc., we help you to get your money. This has enabled us to save many companies from insolvency.

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