Swiss business newspaper “Inside Paradeplatz” headlines: “High-ranking CS director advertises lousy companies!”.

link to the Swiss newspaper: Hoher CS-Direktor macht Werbung für lusche Firmen – Inside Paradeplatz

(A TV report with the excerpts of the marketing speeches of Jürg Kränzlin will follow shortly!)

This particular high-level Credits Suisse director is in fact Mr. Jürg Kränzlin, Director, Head of Finance & Operations at Bank Credit Suisse.

The “senior (CS) Credits Suisse

Director” means Mr Jürg Kränzlin,

Director, Head of Finance &

Finance & Operations at Bank Credit Suisse.

In the said “Presidents Call” on 24.06.2021 the TOP banker J. Kränzlin spoke right next to the most famous TOP Lyconet/myWorld presidents Gerry Seebacher, Walter Seebacher and Helmut Freydl. After all, there has never been a shortage of TOP leaders. Gerry Seebacher announced director J. Kränzlin during the call as a “Swiss banker of high finance and an enthusiastic myWorld marketer”.

After the call, the TOP marketer Markus Käfer appropriately highlighted Jürg Kränzlin’s strong statements on social media by means of video viewings and messages.

Source: Anonymously delivered by stick

Source: Anonymously delivered by stick

In the “Presidents Call” starting at hr 01:03, however, Director Jürg Kränzlin really has it going on. The “lousy” companies “eCredits” and “Blocktrade” as well as the mSP (myWorld Share Points) are praised by him in the highest tones and the potential is emphasized. The fact that the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein now officially warns the public on its website against “eCredits” and that the activities of “Blocktrade” are still prohibited is completely ignored.

see also: Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein officially warns against “eCredits”! – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT (

The Vimeo video ( ) on the “Presidents Call” has been deleted upon request of the Swiss editor. But why if everything is so unbelievably great?

Here some statements by Director Kränzlin excerpted from the transcribed call to start with:

“See huge potential for MyWorld and that “eCredits” will become another cash cow.”

“Everyone is craving a simpler, efficient, fast and inexpensive method for payments…….will become a huge hit.”

“…… am convinced this will be brilliant. Crypto is often being equated with speculation, not here, therefor a stablecoin, that is coupled one to one with euros, it’ s so easily integrated and done well.”

“Kudos, let’s get it going, as quickly as possible.”

And of course, the comparisons to the actual superlatives can’t be missing:

“With BTC (Bitcoin) there is nothing behind it, merely technology……they must also have “eCredits”.”

“The Coinbase was valued on Nasdaq 2021 by the direct listing, with a value of 100 trillion (bn) USD, 3 years ago with 8 trillion (bn), in 3 years the value has increased more than a tenfold. The profit of 2020 stood at 320 million (M), (the valuation at) 100 trillion (bn), the factor lies at 300.”

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Director Jürg Kränzlin in terms of his career at Credit Suisse. Financially, however, he should be very well secured. Aren’t the enthusiastic marketers all doing splendidly, only having to hold out until the Hubert Freidl IPO in 2023, by that time they will all be multimillionaires, or rather, multibillionaires? 

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