Dream factory Lyoness/Lyconet! Passive income was never held out?! Another lie from Hubert Freidl, here is the proof!

Lyconet advertised a “passive income” and the “safest business in the world”, but Freidl claims and states that this was not communicated in the documents. Excerpts from Hubert Freidl’s statement at the end of the article! The lure of “passive income” was and is a common tool used by Lyconet companies to procure new members […]

Freidl’s statement reveals false and misleading numbers. 

In its statement, the law firm Brandl Talos repeatedly emphasizes on behalf of Hubert Freidl that the private parties involved in the proceedings, i.e. the plaintiffs, are a small, unsuccessful part of the marketers.   Freidl tries to substantiate this with marketer figures that have been communicated for the first time, it remains to be seen […]

Hubert Freidl believes his marketers are responsible and feels misunderstood. 

In the past, Hubert Freidl has motivated his closest underlings before events with the slogan “Let’s go and pick up fools”, as can be seen from investigation files.   He likes to present himself with a clean slate and in beautiful pictures, but he claims to not be aware of any guilt.   If anyone is to […]

Lyoness trial before the highest Spanish court: progress expected 

Significant criminal proceedings have been initiated before the Audiencia Nacional, Spain’s highest court.   This institution is exclusively responsible for matters of particular relevance and rejects around 80% of cases to refer them to lower courts. The fact that the Lyoness case has been admitted for trial emphasizes its importance.   The proceedings have been in the […]

Opinion of Hubert Freidl! Creative but forgetful and ridiculous.   

Freidl’s statements to the WKStA are either creative or confused.   As is already known, Hubert Freidl is currently under investigation by various public prosecutors on suspicion of the crime of commercial fraud. In January of this year, Freidl made a 73-page written statement via his lawyers Brandl & Talos in response to questions from the economic […]

myWorld companies now BENEFIT4ME! myWorld Enterprise Ltd. dissolved despite liabilities with Final Gazette.

From Enterprise Cloud 4, investors were to participate in the net profit of myWorld Enterprise Ltd, but the term of EC 8 actually runs until 26.01.2025. MyWorld Enterprise Ltd has now been dissolved! Total economic loss? Freidl remains silent on this. Freidl leaves nothing to be unturned to deprive cloud owners of their rights and […]

Call / myWorld messages in circulation!

Dear customers, Lyconet is currently sending out a request to the remaining cloud holders that those who have not switched to the worthless myWorld Share program by 15 April 2024 will be forcibly transferred to the myWorld SharePoint Asia program. In Sweden, for example, a deadline of June 6, 2024 has been set for the […]

Lyconet Marketing Agency Ltd. had to confirm future legal action!

As previously reported, Lyconet veteran Marko Sedovnik had to resign from his position as director in the UK by court order, whereupon he resigned from all offices. However, this is clearly not enough for the authorities, and Lyconet Marketing Agency Ltd. has now had to confirm in writing that “the planned future activities are lawful.” […]

Smokescreen grenades from CRYPTIX & Co: Statement on false statements

Once again, the circle of people surrounding CRYPTIX and its supporting actors are attempting to distract attention from their own seemingly non-transparent activities: false statements are being used to throw smoke grenades at those who bring their questionable business practices to the public’s attention. In addition to telephone enquiries, we also received written enquiries about […]

Italian media with articles about Hubert Freidl’s pyramid scheme on TikTok

Fanpage.it & ilfattoquotidiano.it haben sich umfassenden Artikel und Beiträgen mit den Unternehmen von Hubert Freidl beschäftigt. Fanpage.it hat alleine auf Facebook eine Reichweite von 8,5 Millionen Follower. Lassen wir die Artikel selbst für sich sprechen: h Original article: “Dicevano che sarei diventato ricco senza sforzi, invece ho perso tutti i soldi”: finisce sotto inchiesta Lyoness, […]