Network marketing / potential clients as a number of members in a fabricated numerical construct

We have lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne accusing Lyoness of manipulating the distribution system. So far, Lyoness has denied all accusations continuously and vehemently. However, there are enough findings and indications that point to a probable criminal offence Read more

Lyoness “country packages”: a deception and a marketing lie instead of real expansion

Due to its complexity, the elaborate Lyoness system is hard to understand. Many Lyoness members were lured in with the “country packages”, in which the prospect was held out to members of being able to achieve large profits in “new” markets. Read more

Lyoness cancelled by Diners and MasterCard issued a warning

Diners ended its relationship with Lyoness 4 weeks ago. Diners is only acting as “partner” in a sports event in June 2016. Read more

Lyoness and the debacle of India

“Greed is a tramp”, used to say a well-known Viennese bank manager. This describes best the current debacle of Lyoness in India.

Thanks to the support – by inactivity – of the Prosecutor´s Office Against Economic Crime and Corruption back in Austria, Read more

Hubert Friedl and Lyoness/Lyconet´s missed opportunity

Even in everyday life it is sometimes not easy to accept well-meant advice of competent people. In H. Friedl´s case this seems to be impossible. Read more

Lyoness´ nomadic renting with previously undetected liabilities???

During the year 2012, Lyoness staff enjoyed the best view of the restoration work at “Maxtower” from their location at Kärntnerstraße in Graz. Practically live and in full color they experienced the building’s core removal, and now this. Read more

Lyoness held court and curries favor at blood weddings

Lyoness has cause for celebration in Austria. It was such a nice press conference on April 28, 2016 in “Presseclub-Concordia” in Vienna – the management presented themselves cheerfully and were hopeful to find a new partner to become part of the “happy” society. Hubert Friedl was radiant and had a relieved expression. He has been temporarily spared several year´s imprisonment.

The aircraft technicians at Graz´s airport must have felt relieved, as the “Lyoness fleet” doesn´t have to keep the motors running and ready for and escape and alarm take off anymore. Read more

The current proceedings in the Lyoness case

Proceedings against discount company partly stopped, prospectus issue and claims after civil decisions stay!

A good start to the week, an update on the current status of the Lyoness case. As you already know, the Austrian criminal proceedings, case number 14 ST 25/15t, formerly 14 ST 17/12m, were terminated Read more

Lyoness – Court hearing on June 28, 2016 (case number 4 C 238/16b – 2) with the Lyoness Supervisory Board?

Court hearing (case number 4 C 238/16b – 2) on June 28, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the Federal Commercial Court in Vienna. … will Lyoness Chairman of the Supervisory Board, KR A. Werner show up and be able to explain his suspected involvement? Considering the existing evidence one could be inclined to recommend it. Read more