Lyoness trial before the highest Spanish court: progress expected 

Significant criminal proceedings have been initiated before the Audiencia Nacional, Spain’s highest court.   This institution is exclusively responsible for matters of particular relevance and rejects around 80% of cases to refer them to lower courts. The fact that the Lyoness case has been admitted for trial emphasizes its importance.  

The proceedings have been in the investigation phase for around six months. 

The investigations are being carried out by the economic and tax offences department of the Spanish National Police, the UDEF Central. Progress has already been made in the last few months, after in April 2023(?), the leading court instructed the officers to focus their efforts on investigating the Lyoness / Lyconet / MyWorld network.  

Significant progress in the proceedings is therefore expected in the coming weeks. 

The first steps are expected to be the summons of Hubert Freidl and other responsible persons in Spain. The association of “Afectados por Lyoness” has around 1000 Spanish victims and has provided the local authorities with extensive information on the operation of the complex system, particularly with regard to the Ponzi scheme used to conceal the raising of capital.  

This information is of great value to UDEF Central. 

According to the information available to us, EUROPOL has now also been involved in the investigation. 

UDEF Central is grateful for any information that could help to solve the crime. 

The hearings before the Audiencia Nacional could be a decisive step towards shedding light on the machinations of the Lyoness / Lyconet / MyWorld network and bringing those responsible to justice. 

We will stay tuned for you. 

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