Lyconet International AG now wholly-owned by General Counsel attorney Dr. Hubert Reif!

As an extract from the companies’ register (FBA Lyoness International AG aktuell) shows that, by resolution of the annual general meeting on 4 April 2019, attorney Dr. Reif from the law firm Reif & Partner is the sole shareholder of Lyconet International AG based in Vienna. The usual suspects like Mario Kapun, Marko Sedovnik, Herbert […]

INTERSPORT forbids Cashback-World the use of their logo worldwide!

INTERSPORT is the biggest medium-sized mail order business group in worldwide sports retail. Under, 5800 locations in 65 countries are united under the umbrella of the IIC-Intersport International Corporation GmbH, the purchasing and management corporation of the Intersport group. In 2014 they generated a turnover of EUR 10,5 billion. With market shares of around 36% […]

Lyconet and its problem with age verification of its marketers!

Making profits at all costs is the key factor for wealth, therefore information about marketers might not be checked very carefully. The legal provisions are basically clear though. Since my article of 19 March 2019 i have been contacted by various minors who have been encouraged by other Lyconet marketers to sign up at Lyconet […]

Lyoness Europe AG and Lyoness Norway AS and the last round in Norway!

Publication of the Authority dated 13.03.2019 (Norwegische Behörde 13.03.2019) in translation: Lyoness – Request for a written confirmation that the infringement against the Ponzi scheme regulations of the lottery law has been remedied, cf. § 16 (4) of the lottery law The supervisory authority for lotteries refers to the lottery committee’s resolution of 27 January […]