December 2018 is the month of decisions on Lyoness in Italy and Norway.

The Autorità garante della concorrenza e del mercato, also known as „Antitrust“ or AGCM, is the national Italian Competition Authority.

On December 18, 2018, the judgement on whether Italy rates Lyoness as a snowball system or not, will be passed. The Situation seems to be quite similar to Norway. In the field of „Cashback-World“ Italy is in fact the strongest market. A fact, which does not improve matters concerning Lyconets strategy of distribution and acquisition of new „sponsors“.

On December 11, 2018, Norway will decide whether its national Competition Authority made (formal) errors in the prohibition proceedings. If this is not the case, the decision on Lyoness in Norway is final and the restricted permission for the Cashback business will be withdrawn.

I will be informed of these decisions immediatly

INTERSPORT Germany forbids Cashback-World the use of their logo!

INTERSPORT is the biggest medium-sized mail order business group in worldwide sports retail. Under, 5800 locations in 65 countries are united under the umbrella of the IIC-Intersport International Corporation GmbH, the purchasing and management corporation of the Intersport group. In 2014 they generated a turnover of EUR 10,5 billion. With market shares of around 36% in Germany and over 20% in Europe the IIC GmbH is the world leader in sports retail.

Like numerous other renowned companies, INTERSPORT Germany was listed at Cashback World with its own company partner ID. The fact that they only were voucherpartners was hardly ever mentioned. Only a few people would recognise that this circumstance did not permit the use of the INTERSPORT logo under trade mark law.

Upon request the following was notified by the INTERSPORT headquarters:

E-Mail (recieved) from 10-01-2018

„There has never a cooperation between the INTERSPORT Germany eG and the Lyoness Europe AG. Also the Lyoness Europe AG was not authorized to use the INTERSPORT logo under trade mark law. After you pointed this out we stopped selling INTERSPORT vouchers tot he Lyoness Europe AG. Due to an injunctive relief the INTERSPORT logo is not longer displayed by Lyoness.“

Best regards from Heilbronn

INTERSPORT Deutschland eG

press officer in corporate communications

Time and again, it has shown, that several affiliates obviously are on the Lyoness management board’s pay roll. Also, the continuos denials of renowned companies are illustrating clearly, how low the revenue at Lyoness (Cashback World) must be.

If these enormous turnovers actually existed, large high-revenue companies would certainly be willing to be listed at myWorld/Lyoness (Cashback World).