Hubert Freidl’s mSP Asia – Stocks! Worthless beer coaster stocks for blind illiterates! 

Anyone in Freidl’s think tank who still believes that another IPO in Asia could still be credibly communicated to the members has lost all touch with reality. This mSP Asia share is even more worthless than its European predecessor. Every beer mat has a higher value. How Freidl’s Idea Forge now manages to credibly convey […]

Accounts blocked for those who do not switch to mSP. Final total fraud?! 

Those who refuse to switch to worthless stocks have their account access blocked. Many complaints have been received from Cloud owners who simply have their account access blocked and the repayment of deposited funds denied. They were assured that nothing would change for the remaining Cloud owners. Another example of how much trust can be […]

Austria has its own WIRECARD scandal! Lyoness bankruptcy concerns Austrian politics! 

Alone in Austria, there’s a damage of 50 million euros, while globally several billion have been collected through Ponzi schemes. Hubert Freidl did an excellent job with his pyramid schemes, but did the justice system allow it? And if so, for what reason?  The damage for Austrian customers alone, according to legal calculations, is currently […]

Lyconet has announced: There will be no IPO as previously stated!

Ex-marketer Nicolas Krause: “There will never be an IPO”!  The former Vice President team member of Hubert Freidl’s Lyconet/myWorld, released his marketers into self-employment with a video and distanced himself from Lyconet for months, after the event in Gelsenkirchen. Surprisingly, he commented in the Swiss business journal BEOBACHTER.  Lyoness Einkaufsgemeinschaft konkurs – 100 Millionen Franken […]

MyWorld – Are Preference Shares Worthless and Meaningless?

Recent findings regarding preference shares distributed through the ‘initial public offering’ shed light on potential irregularities in money movements and business practices associated with Hubert Freidl’s company. From dubious account activities to contentious self-payments, this influx of information raises significant questions about the use of investor funds. MyWorld: Renewed Legal Concessions: ‘Preference shares now received! […]