Hubert Freidl’s mSP Asia – Stocks! Worthless beer coaster stocks for blind illiterates! 

Anyone in Freidl’s think tank who still believes that another IPO in Asia could still be credibly communicated to the members has lost all touch with reality. This mSP Asia share is even more worthless than its European predecessor.

Every beer mat has a higher value.

How Freidl’s Idea Forge now manages to credibly convey another edition of a stock market listing in Asia to its members remains a mystery. 

The IPO of myWorld International AG, which was announced during the Lyconet event in July 2023, has turned out to be a mega flop.

What exactly is the mSP Asia stock: (It’s important to always read the fine print with this company!) 

In the previous myWorld Share Program (stock program), myWorld Share Points were supposed to be granted for previous orders, entitling individuals to stocks. 

However, in the myWorld Asia Share Program, this is no longer the case. It’s no longer explicitly guaranteed that previous investments remain valid and entitle individuals to acquire stocks. 

Even though myWorld Asia Share Points are shown in a pro forma manner, there’s no specification that they entitle holders to acquire stocks. Investments are even displayed as myWorld Share Points Asia at twice their value to suggest added value. 

But the conversion to myWorld Asia Points mandates relinquishing participation in the Enterprise Cloud Program. 

It’s expressly stated that the mSP Asia stocks have no intrinsic value. In short, the investments are no longer valid, rendering the mSP Asia worthless, leading to a total loss. That’s the truth. 

Due to misleading wordings, members are led to believe that their investments still hold value when, in fact, they have long disappeared into the abyss of Hubert Freidl’s money procurement model. 

Relying on the continuity of already lost investments, unsuspecting members are compelled to remain active, consequently having to continuously pay for worthless Shopping Points Packs (similar to the previous Easy Shop Plus). 

And this continues until at least July 2026, as that’s when the exchange into alleged stocks is supposed to occur. However, these sham stocks are then subject to an 18-month lock-in period and are not freely tradable. It’s also unclear which Freidl-owned company even issues these stocks. 

Therefore, the customer finds themselves in a hamster wheel, and Freidl has invented a perpetual motion machine for continuous cash inflow. 

What is a restricted B-name share? 

A restricted named preference share is only valuable if the company itself has value. However, in all these years, we haven’t seen any company from Freidl that generates real revenues except from swindling investor capital. In 2023 alone, myWorld International AG increased its capital from 100,000 to 12 million euros within two weeks. Where does the money come from if not from the investors themselves? 

From various court extracts, it can be concluded: “As the findings in the present case show, the defendant’s (Lyconet) promotion system relies, due to the lack of actual economic activity by the participants, inevitably on the financial contributions of additional, newly recruited members. A participant’s possibility of obtaining compensation from their system essentially depends on the payments made by new members recruited – directly or indirectly. 

The alleged earnings solely come from the money of trusting investors. If I record their payments as income immediately, I have earnings, but it’s still not my money. It’s simply embezzled money. 

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