Lyconet CALL UPDATE from 24 April 2023

Following Sharif Omar’s recent press conference in Malasyia regarding the myWorld ASIA expansion, he appears on an internal myWorld/Lyconet call alongside founder and co-owner Hubert Freidl. He recalls his beginnings at myWorld nearly two years ago and is happy about the so far implemented updates, such as Scan and Go, which he claims is his invention. He also praises the Asian market which he says to be ” the largest market in the world”. Additionally, they want to go public in Asia, on top of the Europe IPO planned for this summer – what exciting news.  

In order to make that happen, they are getting political as well as media support from the ex-president of the Malaysian Retail Chain Association, Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok, who appeared at the press conference to lend some credibility. Of course, they also want European marketers to participate in the expansion and are now offering the myWorld Asia Share Program as a new opportunity. As always, it is an incentive “completely free of charge”. Free in the sense that you can only “participate” by shopping via the website and boosting your earnings by purchasing and applying the respective shopping packs as a one-off or monthly orders, costing between one thousand and 12,000 euros. So, you can help the community save money “for free”, by – you guessed it – spending money. 

Gelsenkirchen 07. – 08. July 2023

According to myWorld founder Hubert Freidl the participants in the big event happening between the 7th and 8th of July 2023 will become “shareholders of a European company”. Furthermore, the technology that is supposed to completely change shopping behavior and bring it to the next level is supposed to be presented there as well as the new app and website, plus technical innovations and information on @media. From May 11th, as the Leader Conference in Greece takes place, the know your customer process will be implemented in the Lyconet app, through which one will allegedly receive one’s shares on the spot at the upcoming event.   

New: Shopping Point Cash, Credit Cards & eCredits  

Shopping Cash is another internal reward currency that has no value outside of the platform and can be collected via recommendations, shopping in the community and other extras. In addition, members can now link your credit card to the app, not for a simplified payment process, but for the “information process” according to management. Anyone who buys from a partner company gets a push notification – to have everything transferred to the app straight away, right? Or maybe not, because you actually have to do another scan to feed the supposed advantages into the system. Those benefits remain in the compensation plan and are NOT direct cashback.  

Which just makes this a kind of “reminder tool” so that members don’t “forget” their benefits. Great or ridiculous – you decide. 

myWorld ASIA Press Conference / Europe and America stagnating

MyWorld co-owner Sharif Omar recetly announced the Asia-expansion at a specially is planning on launching his cashbackworld-pyramidscheme there. But is the highly competitive Asian market ready for the Austrian knights of the pyramid scheme? The ten-minute press conference was held with Alfian Abu Talib, myWorld APAC CEO and Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok, former President of the Malaysian Retail Chain Association. In classic Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld fashion, they need people who have actually achieved something to lend them credibility to eventually drag others into their legally questionable mess.  

The conference was held on the topic of the expansion to the Asian market with its starting point in Malaysia and a plan to be “listed” there in the next three to five years, presumably meaning “going public”. Omar emphasizes that Hubert Freidl made cashback big in Europe with Lyoness 19 years ago and alleges that myWorld has over 50 million customers/members. Although Lyoness started as a shopping community, Hubert Freidl did not invent Cashback. His innovation was merely to combine an ordinary cashback system with a pyramid scheme. Moreover, the alleged membership figures of Lyoness/Lyconet/myworld have never been officially verified, since they refused from the beginning to have their figures officially confirmed.    

Right: Booking action Asia 2012-2014:

Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok mentions that Malaysians are keen spenders, while Sharif Omar speaks of a long-term vision for Malaysia and Asia, because cashback is particularly useful and helpful in regions where people MUST buy drinking water. They are also putting together a five-year plan that will be presented at the information event in early July of this year. The goal is to expand to 5 more countries, reach 100 million customers and be “listed” within the next 3 to 5 years. If you put all this in front of the members between 2007 and 2012 who invested their money back then, they would be more than upset. At that time, the expansion to the Indian and US market were announced and promoted with similar promises. By the way, have the future stock market millionaires ever asked themselves where all those members from back then are today?    

Keyword IPO: Are they slowly building up this Asia expansion as the next excuse if the shares in Gelsenkirchen do not bubble up this July as announced? Since in fact not a single company of the Lyoness/myWorld group is stock market ready. Additionally, the US Federal Trade Commission warned against three Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld branches and blacklisted them back in 2021. More on this in this video: 

Elite seminar in Gelsenkirchen and the announced IPO! Are cloud holders and participants of previous programs only 2nd class members?   

At Lyconet/myWorld you can allegedly become a shareholder free of charge by this summer. Every marketer can supposedly obtain shares in just a few “simple” steps: First, accept the general terms and conditions from 2021 in order to participate in the myWorld share program. This point alone has already caused a debate internally, as the new GTCs partially eradicate one’s claims to previous compensation plans.   

Source: Lyconet

Additionally, one must purchase a ticket at a whopping 399 euros and be personally present at the Lyconet Elite Seminar taking place at the 7 and 8 July 2023 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany in order to be able to receive 10% benefit of shares on top of one’s personal shares on the spot. The fact sheet also mentions the need for an “upstanding agreement between Lyconet and myWorld”, presumably referring to the recently introduced KYC (know your customer) process.   

Marketers have to verify themselves by signing and/or uploading so-called “legal documents” and to go through the process, starting May 11th, the ticket must be purchased which then must be connected to a personal account in the Lyconet-App, all still within this month of April. Then, of course, one must participate in the event to receive the supposed “benefits”; those who do not take part will not receive their shares until October. But what is the benefit if the company is only able to put its “defined business plan” into practice through the funds it will receive in the future?   

Source: myWorld Share Program

Is it really free of charge if, as per usual, Lyconet marketers who have already invested in previous programs were put off until the next big sensation is supposed to hit, this time the “IPO”. But now everything has supposedly changed: the myWorld share program fact sheet states that one will receive company shares even if the company does not go public, but then again wouldn’t shares of a business that is stock market ready be much more valuable? Once again, the Lyconet/myWorld players keep their options open in case the IPO fails or delays.  

Source: myWorld Share Program

Considering that all investments from past compensation plans will go into the share program, while the members do not know whether they will ever receive their return on investment or not, there is still far too little information about the announced compensations. Distributions processed through the cloud portion of the share program and so-called career points will not start until 2025. Those marketers who, after all the disappointments of the past years, will not participate in the IPO/share program are treated like second-class members, as they are gradually deprived of the opportunity to have their collected points/vouchers and packages remunerated.  

Source: myWorld Share Program

This is particularly alarming when the information material on the new “incentive programs” disclaimers state that the points generated through shopping or recommendations have no real value. Moreover, members are obviously deliberately left in the dark by myWorld reserving the right to discontinue or change the program at any time. We are already curious about the upcoming explanations in the chat groups after the elite seminar this July. 

You can also find all sources here:

Mr Hubert Freidl, where are the cloud payouts this time?

Over the past year, Lyconet presidents have been under pressure, since they overpromised and underdelivered, yet again. The cloud solutions promoted around five years ago are being brushed over now that they should be generating dividends, while Lyoness/Lyconet focuses on its new compensation plans, the myWorld-Share-Program and the IPO. But slowly and surely, even the most loyal marketers start to question their decisions: internal chat groups reveal that resentment and disbelief are increasing amongst the members – poison for every multi-level marketing concept.   

Source: Telegram Chat

Despite, Lyconet-presidents act calm and collected while replying to questions in their usual annoyed manner all while emphasizing personal responsibility and using the pandemic as an excuse.

Although e-commerce and online based businesses were able to increase their turnover by up to 70% during the pandemic, apparently, Hubert Freidl’s companies were not among the winners, probably because the cloud solution payouts never even worked to begin with.

Which reinforces the members’ doubt that their investment would pay off in the first place. Recent chat histories revealed that at the beginning of their cloud careers, marketers were led to believe that they

“would be driving Lamborghinis by the year 2022“.  

Even former top marketer A. Matuska admitted that he sold his Lambo and then regularly borrowed the same car for videos and promotions because the maintenance costs were simply too high. The doubts about whether it is even possible to make money as a network marketer for LYONESS/LYCONET are more than justified and are steadily increasing.   

So what will become of the marketers’ cloud investments? The existing compensation plans have been replaced by the “share program”, which has been running since 2021 and is to be implemented during the promised IPO this summer. In the “preparation phase” of the program, marketers can generate purchase volume by buying discount vouchers that can be redeemed on the website. The current promise is that in the “go public phase”, these volumes can then be redeemed free of charge for previously announced shares in the quote on quote “billion-dollar company”.  

How much longer will Hubert Freidl be able hold out, in case the IPO does not take place as promised while keeping his companies up and running despite several legal disputes in various countries? Whether or not everything Hubert Freidl has built over the last years will eventually collapse like a house of cards will likely be decided this summer.