Lyconet CALL UPDATE from 24 April 2023

Following Sharif Omar’s recent press conference in Malasyia regarding the myWorld ASIA expansion, he appears on an internal myWorld/Lyconet call alongside founder and co-owner Hubert Freidl. He recalls his beginnings at myWorld nearly two years ago and is happy about the so far implemented updates, such as Scan and Go, which he claims is his […]

myWorld ASIA Press Conference / Europe and America stagnating

MyWorld co-owner Sharif Omar recetly announced the Asia-expansion at a specially is planning on launching his cashbackworld-pyramidscheme there. But is the highly competitive Asian market ready for the Austrian knights of the pyramid scheme? The ten-minute press conference was held with Alfian Abu Talib, myWorld APAC CEO and Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok, former President of […]

Elite seminar in Gelsenkirchen and the announced IPO! Are cloud holders and participants of previous programs only 2nd class members?   

At Lyconet/myWorld you can allegedly become a shareholder free of charge by this summer. Every marketer can supposedly obtain shares in just a few “simple” steps: First, accept the general terms and conditions from 2021 in order to participate in the myWorld share program. This point alone has already caused a debate internally, as the […]

Mr Hubert Freidl, where are the cloud payouts this time?

Over the past year, Lyconet presidents have been under pressure, since they overpromised and underdelivered, yet again. The cloud solutions promoted around five years ago are being brushed over now that they should be generating dividends, while Lyoness/Lyconet focuses on its new compensation plans, the myWorld-Share-Program and the IPO. But slowly and surely, even the […]