“Top Life Digital. On detour to Freidl’s Ponzi scheme.  

Is Top Life Digital ( Top Life Digital ) Hubert Freidl’s latest hoax to recruit unsuspecting new victims for his collapsing pyramid scheme? A potential participant of a Top Life Digital meeting in Macedonia contacted us to share his experience with the organization. He realized what it really was before he registered with myWorld.  Top […]

Marketers’ concerns about the IPO in July!  

The saga of Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld’s questionable IPO continues: former top leader Teresa Berger mentions the possible scam on her Instagram page indirectly. Internal chat messages reveal that the marketers are concerned about their investments after putting money in time and time again, without seeing any returns. The concerns are not entirely unwarranted. It was announced that […]

Yet another criminal complaint: Hubert Freidl’s “Clouds”  

Another criminal complaint was filed with the Office of the Attorney General for Economic Crime and Corruption on 05 April 2023 and forwarded to Department 33, this time concerning “clouds”. The Customer Cloud is an idea which probably originates from Hubert Freidl’s think tank “how do I get the marketers’ money”. It is well known […]

Hubert Freidl’s EliteClub finally targeted by public prosecutors!  

It was only a matter of time until the EliteClub would be targeted by the public prosecutor’s office as well. Criminal complaints are being filed against every aspect of Hubert Freidl’s Ponzi scheme.  After a long period of securing evidence, the EliteClub has now finally been reported as a suspected fraudulent scheme. Admittedly, it was […]