Lyconet/myWorld “The Revolution” Part 1

In a rather confusing video, marketer Jean Paul Schoor announces so-called innovations and improvements at Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld. Let’s watch an excerpt of it.

Public prosecutor’s office freezes Polish Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld bank accounts

Just recently, the Lyconet Elite Seminar took place in Poland. And there of all places, a local public prosecutor’s office has now decided to freeze the companies’ accounts, triggering a veritable snowball effect in the judicial system.

Announcement: Enterprise Cloud payment when?

Norway: Oslo Supreme Court allows lawsuit – Lyconet President Terje Duesund lies to everyone!

“The money ended up in the Lyoness distribution network organised through Lyoness Europe AG, based in Switzerland.” In addition to the problems with the public prosecutor’s office in Poland, seizures in Germany and Switzerland, tax debts in Turkey, it is now the same in Norway. Whereby the far bigger problem, as mentioned in the newspaper […]

Account seizures at Lyconet in Germany & Lyoness Switzerland!

Account at VR-Bank Bonn Rhein-Sieg seized with almost €1 million, but……..! Accounts in Switzerland seized with over 6 million Swiss francs!   In the chat groups of Lyoness leaders such as Markus Käfer, Denis Scibiorski or Andi Hummel, there were complaints that the monthly payments for the Easy-Shop to Lyconet Global AG were reversed with the […]