Account seizures at Lyconet in Germany & Lyoness Switzerland!

Account at VR-Bank Bonn Rhein-Sieg seized with almost €1 million, but……..! Accounts in Switzerland seized with over 6 million Swiss francs!  

In the chat groups of Lyoness leaders such as Markus Käfer, Denis Scibiorski or Andi Hummel, there were complaints that the monthly payments for the Easy-Shop to Lyconet Global AG were reversed with the notification “account closed”. Now it is being communicated in the chats that the account closure had internal reasons, which is definitely a lie. Customers are currently being asked to transfer their monthly payments to a myWorld account. This means that the customers are entering the new system without being properly informed about it. The customers have then accepted myWorld as a contractual partner without knowing the terms of the contract. It is not known whether previous transfers to the Lyoness account will be taken into account, as marketers report that this information is no longer accessible on the member account. This is what is called doing a cash audit.   

In the case of the German account at the VR Bank Bonn Rhein-Sieg, an attachment of almost 1 million euros was seized by court order. After that, the account was cancelled and the transfers were returned. We will publish what the VR Bank did afterwards in our special report.   

According to the debt collection register (see attachments), more than 6 million Swiss francs were also seized from Lyoness Europe AG and Lyoness Suisse GmbH in Switzerland. In addition, numerous other attachments, such as outstanding lawyers’ fees and court recovery reclaims from aggrieved parties, have been entered in large numbers.   

Unlike in Germany, the Swiss bank and jurisdiction has duly implemented the court orders in accordance with enforcement notices (execution orders).   

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