Lyoness: The next “MasterCard and commercial partnership scam” is uncovered!

We’ve uncovered the next set of lies, and will soon publish reactions from Lyoness’ “trading partners” to the current articles. When confronted with concrete inquiries, Lyoness is only too glad to represent itself toward the public as a victim of “third-party providers”. This is false, and we can prove it. We have internal e-mails from Lyoness […]

Lyoness USA is only represented in Fort Lauderdale and is not in India

But people have sold country packages for the USA and India, and spoken of “incomparable expansion”. Lyoness customers are eagerly awaiting an explanation as to why Lyoness has almost disappeared in the USA and why India can no longer be found anywhere on their list of countries.

Despite warnings: Lyoness is still advertising with MasterCard

Some time ago we were notified by our customers that, surprisingly, Lyoness is still using the MasterCard name in their advertisements. To cite a concrete example, a member of Lyoness’ network marketing was offered the chance in an e-mail to buy the new “MasterCard Polo Golf Shirt”.

Network marketing / potential clients as a number of members in a fabricated numerical construct

We have lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne accusing Lyoness of manipulating the distribution system. So far, Lyoness has denied all accusations continuously and vehemently. However, there are enough findings and indications that point to a probable criminal offence