Network marketing / potential clients as a number of members in a fabricated numerical construct

We have lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne accusing Lyoness of manipulating the distribution system. So far, Lyoness has denied all accusations continuously and vehemently. However, there are enough findings and indications that point to a probable criminal offence and which we will disclose. Due to the incomprehensible discontinuation of the criminal proceedings of the WKStA, information and documents that would leave you speechless have been passed on to us from all sides.

And we find the high number of members (5 million) that Lyoness has listed on their homepage hard to believe, to say the least. In detail work lasting for weeks, we have written to many of the partner firms in Austria, Germany and Switzerland which Lyoness lists on its homepage, and found that around 30 percent have never had anything to do with Lyoness. Many businesses known as “SMEs” are listed somewhere on an “affiliate marketing website”, and then Lyoness lists them as commercial partners. Likewise, we sought out various national companies in Dubai, Asia, the USA, etc., and questioned the local authorities about them.

5,000,000 members and 54,000 partner companies and active in 47 countries? NO!!! This “fabricated numerical construct” collapses if subjected to a mathematical calculation, an inspection of the actual figures of the SMEs

themselves. Details will follow soon!

Here are some current press releases to that end:


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