Lyconet replaces itself as a contractual partner! Marketers lose!

The Lyconet marketers had to accept another change. They were/are requested to revoke their previous participation in the Lyconet Marketing Programme of Lyoness Europe AG and to register with the Lyconet Marketing Programme of Lyconet International AG, based in Vienna. Sole shareholder of Lyconet International AG is none other than the general counsel Dr. Hubert […]

On 25 February 2020, Lyconet must explain and justify in court that it is not a pyramid scheme!

The fact that Lyoness is a pyramid scheme has been legally determined and judged by courts in Austria and Switzerland and by authorities in Norway. On 25 February 25, 2020, Lyconet must now explain and prove that it is not a pyramid scheme at the Vienna Commercial Court in proceedings 11 Cg 75 / 16s-54. […]