On 25 February 2020, Lyconet must explain and justify in court that it is not a pyramid scheme!

The fact that Lyoness is a pyramid scheme has been legally determined and judged by courts in Austria and Switzerland and by authorities in Norway.

On 25 February 25, 2020, Lyconet must now explain and prove that it is not a pyramid scheme at the Vienna Commercial Court in proceedings 11 Cg 75 / 16s-54. Lyconet again relies on Ms. Claudia Statthaler, who is to explain the Lyconet system to the court. Ms. Statthaler is the wife of Mario Kapun (head of all structural distributors). Together with Ms. Bettina Rieger, she started as secretary at Lyoness founder Hubert Freidl and worked her way up. She now belongs to the closest circle of friends around Hubert Freidl. In the past, Ms. Statthaler has tried to explain the Lyconet system in court, but to no avail. What else? Like Lyoness, Lyconet is a pyramid scheme. The court will decide.

In addition, courts in Switzerland have already classified Lyconet as a pyramid scheme. Among others by judgment (EV 2016 42) at the Cantonal Court of Zug / Switzerland:

Excerpt from the judgment:

Newcomers to the system usually pay a possibly substantial entry fee, of which at least some is paid to the respective recruiter and those already boarded according to predefined rules (Arpagaus, Basler Commentary, 2013, Art. 3 Para. 1 lit. r UWG N 2 ff.).

Upon entering into the Lyconet Agreement, the member will become an independent Lyconet marketer. The dissemination and use of the loyalty program is promoted by attracting new members and looking after existing members, by attracting new marketers and looking after existing marketers, as well as winning new SME partner companies and looking after existing SME partner companies. In return, the marketer receives remuneration in accordance with the Lyconet Compensation Plan (act. 5/1, preamble, items 1.1 and 1.3). There is therefore a distribution system based on the snowball principle.

Likewise, the ban proceedings in Norway have already established that Lyconet, like Lyoness, is a pyramid scheme.

We eagerly await how Ms. Statthaler tries to explain the Lyconet system. Perhaps the Lyoness lawyer Mag. Zotter will again represent the pyramid scheme in this trial. He has already made a name for himself as the “author of the 61 illegal Lyoness GTC”.

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