“Together we are strong!” the motto of a snowball system! Lyconet marketers are awaking up to reality!

“Together we are strong!” is the motto of the Lyoness/Lyconet snowball system. You should combine this motto with the addition “…..as long as the marketer is willing to invest his money”.  Now we have been dealing with the Lyoness/Lyconet snowball system for several years now, but in the last few months it has become noticeable […]

myWorld/MarketPlace – Price masquerade of a different kind!

If one actually believes Andreas Matuska in his “BCR roar videos”, Amazon will be replaced by myWorld.com as world market leader in three years at the latest. Therefore it is a good reason to take a look at the articles offered at myWorld.com. We have cross-checked and compared some articles from the myWorld.com offerings. We […]

“The Young Wild Ones” of the BCR are planning a “Good News” websites for a “Cleaning” on Google!

In order to “clean out” all the “BAD NEWS” from the first page at Google. Only “GOOD NEWS” about the snowball system Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld should be published on the websites, which are still in process. Or at least this is the plan of the “young savages” at BCR. Lyconet-Marketer Frederik Mauersberger states an important message in […]