“Together we are strong!” the motto of a snowball system! Lyconet marketers are awaking up to reality!

“Together we are strong!” is the motto of the Lyoness/Lyconet snowball system. You should combine this motto with the addition “…..as long as the marketer is willing to invest his money”. 

Now we have been dealing with the Lyoness/Lyconet snowball system for several years now, but in the last few months it has become noticeable that more and more “bounced marketers” have been contacting us.

The experiences are almost identical. They were lured into the system with false promises, then pushed to do further payments with new promises. As soon as the continued to pay willingly, the marketer expires, he simply has no more money to “replenish” or even doubts or even expresses, he is dropped. The promises made in advance are not fulfilled or fall far short of the forecast development.    

The following description gives again what many marketers had to experience.

“Dear Sir or Madam,

I found your website and I am very happy that you are revealing the truth about Lyoness/ Lyconet/ Cashback Wolrd etc. and therefore might help people to make the right decision.

Unfortunately, in the early year of 2017 I have not had this opportunity. At that time, I invested in the “hottest investment of my life”. In January 2019 the enlightenment came when the so-called Poland Cloud had its first payout. It was all a joke! Within a year, an amount of approximately €10-15 was paid out monthly. If you extrapolate this amount up to 3 years (as long as the cloud is valid), one does not get 100% of the invested money back. With the SE2 cloud, it was even worse. Since then, I am still waiting for the first payout of the Nordic Cloud, which should actually start on 20.07.2020. After reaching out to the Lyconet Office via countless emails and unanswered phone calls, I have received this disappointing email:

Dear Mrs XXXXXX,

thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give you an exact payout date at the moment. However, we can assure you that you will receive your payout this month.

We kindly ask for your understanding

With sincere regards,

Lyconet Service Team

How can that be? A serious company with 15 million members, cooperating with hundreds of other companies, etc., can’t give any information relating to the payout date of their own ideas, to be exact to the special country clouds?!??!? I’m am speechless when it comes to this concerning. I haven’t had an upline for a long time and therefore I don’t have a contact person to turn to.

It should be noted that I did not do an upgrade at that time (2019 I think it was 2019) for the reason that the country clouds were presented to me as the best investment ever and there is nothing better in the world. When the EC 1, 2, 3, 4, XXXXX came out and again everything was presented as if it was the best investment of life and that you should definitely upgrade (for money, of course, even though you had already invested € 9000), because the country clouds will be worth nothing in the future, I definitely didn’t feel like it anymore. That was the point where I didn’t want to have anything more to do with the company and certainly didn’t want to bring new members to the company.”

It is sad to see how mainly young people have to be whipped through the “money-press machine” here.

myWorld/MarketPlace – Price masquerade of a different kind!

If one actually believes Andreas Matuska in his “BCR roar videos”, Amazon will be replaced by myWorld.com as world market leader in three years at the latest. Therefore it is a good reason to take a look at the articles offered at myWorld.com.

We have cross-checked and compared some articles from the myWorld.com offerings. We had to compare some articles with the manufacturer number, due the price diffrences of these articles, we have been able to find the right one for you.

ProductPrice MyWorld.comPrice Amazon / other providers
Weleda Millet care-shampoo 190 ml

13,05 €  6,61 €
L’Oréal Paris Make-Up Designer Infallible Fixing Mist19,48 €8,99 €
Maybelline Lash Sensational 4 Blackest Black18,93 €6,47 €
Karlie Vintage Führleine 2m48,97 €34,98 €
HUDORA 14025 Tretroller Universal Schwarz, Blau101,89 €86,99 €
Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Tagescreme trockene Haut, normale Haut, Sehr trockene Haut 50 ml80,67 €59,98 – 64,88
Digitus Klett-Kabelmanagement-System Pilzkopf 5m selbstklebend, Flausch-/Klettband 10m102,10 €84,70 €
GHD Air Haartrockner Schwarz HA010099117,82 €99,84 €
Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Canada 12,5kg80,30 €61,23 €
Corolle MGP Paul Trink+Näss Badebaby57,64 €38,02 €
Outwell 650689 Camping-Wassertank 12 l  60,87 €37,00 €
WMF Brotmesser Grand Class100,74 €71,02 €
Tork Elevation mini Seifenspender Weiß56,11 €24,34 €
Crocs Classic Clog Unisex Navy Lifestyle63,15 €28,94 €
GHD Gold Max Styler Haarglätter Gold 529217189,04 €154,39 €
Eve Systems Eve Flare Ambiance lighting102,57 €66,66 €
Outwell 470304 Camping-Bett Kindereinzelbett Polyester Stahl117,14 €80,30 €
TRIXIE SureFeed Haustierfutterautomat Kunststoff Weiß Hund134,85 €97,38 €
Reitpferd Barbie weiss 81 cm115,35 €75,97 €
BBD Luvabella Newborn – Blond  81,90 €40,13 €
TESA Insect Stop Comfort Moskitonetz Fenster Weiß57,52 €13,98 €
ZWILLING 35621-004-0 Messer201,54 €135,29 €
VTech Storio Max XL 2.0 7″ NL Blauw incl. spel Paw Patrol Blau213,35 €139,21 €
Smoby Push & Pedal Dreirad Beige, Rot, Weiß 7600434208163,10 €84,99 €
D-Link AC2200 Tri-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System Lückenlose WLAN-Abdeckung Weiß COVR-2202325,90 €238,96 €
Axis P3374-V IP-Sicherheitskamera Innenraum Kuppel Wand 1280 x 720 Pixel  703,72 €611,25 €
Trunki 22522 Autositz für Babys 2-3 (15 – 36 kg; 3,5 – 12 Jahre) Schwarz, Grün161,61 €63,49 €
Sony KDL-32WE615B, schwarz, 32 LED-TV Motionflow XR 400, X-Reality Pro448,82 €349,90 €
Outwell Custer XL Camping-Tisch Holz  300,84 €194,95 €
Jamara Badespielzeugsammler Hungry Fish blau164,97 €17,23 €
Smoby – Spielhaus Friends House (310209438,75 €289,90 €
Bosch Serie | 8 WAW28570 Freistehend Frontlader 8kg 1400RPM A+++ Weiß Waschmaschine800,50 €621,41 €
KitchenAid 5KSM125EER Küchenmaschine 4,8 l Rot 300 W798,98 €466,92 €
Siemens KA90DAI30 Side-by-Side-Kühlschrank1843,68 €1488,27
Epson EH-LS500W Beamer 4000 ANSI Lumen 3LCD 3D Desktop-Projektor Weiß3.037,24 €  2.542,75 €  
KitchenAid 5KSM150PSECS Mixer 300 W1269,99 €599,00 €
Targus TSB944EU Rucksack Polyurethan Schwarz, Gelb1.765,99 €  60,00 €
Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Tagescreme trockene Haut, normale Haut, Sehr trockene Haut 50 ml89,67 €59,98€ – 64,88€  
Primavera Zirbenkugel40,99 €14,89 € – 18,99 €  
GIMEX 61556 Campinggeschirr Set Melamin Rund 12 Person(en)83,15 €54,72€ – 58,48€  
Primavera Duftlampe Primavera cremeweiß44,00€ – 49,00€  14,00€ -22,00€  
Sage the Oracle Touch Countertop (placement) Espressomaschine 2 l Vollautomatisch2818,81 €2006,72€ – 2499,00€  
Tigi Nourishing Shampoo Unisex 300 ml96,99 €6,49€ – 13,46€  
A small extract from over 1000 compared products!

Please note that all product references from the original offer were taken over from MyWorld.com. It is likewise to mention that the quantity data of the products are partly missing and one can calculate oneself over Amazon, in combination with the price, which quantity one actually receives.

Perphase one can explain the price policy with MarketPlace in more detail!

“The Young Wild Ones” of the BCR are planning a “Good News” websites for a “Cleaning” on Google!

In order to “clean out” all the “BAD NEWS” from the first page at Google. Only “GOOD NEWS” about the snowball system Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld should be published on the websites, which are still in process. Or at least this is the plan of the “young savages” at BCR.

Lyconet-Marketer Frederik Mauersberger states an important message in a video call, regarding to this topic:


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Lyconet specialist explains the grandiose strategy 😉

In addition, did Florian Vock write and shine with his ideas (note: spelling unchanged): “What if you set up something like a donation account where everyone contributes regularly and the experienced ones get together and the band news operators get their asses kicked with good godnews pages and only good things from us are listed on the first two Google pages?”

We happily participate in this matter, due to our ability to because immediately refute all the “good news” about the snowball system. Whereby it must be clarified what one considers as “good news” at all. The usual sayings that “everything goes through the roof”, “If one is not there now, will regret it for the rest of their life”, “Nobody will know Amazon in three years” or “World domination” might not be suitable as “Good News”. Maybe they will finally publish reliable figures of actual sales and how they are composed of, and not the marketing balance sheets prepared by Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld themselves. However, that would be considered as “bad news” again.

The fact that the websites are then to be forced/pushed upon the first page of Google by themselves, shows the actual intention, namely to support the “haggling” of these fine gentlemen at this matter and written with only good intentions by themselves. Unbelievable!

Our advice to these so-called “snowball entrepreneurs”! Use the few moments of light you are granted and prove your “Good News” very precisely and conclusively, because we will question, check and, if necessary, immediately refute this “News”

You will hardly get a confirmation of your upline. Even if phantoms, such as Hubert Freidl himself, have to control your content. They will have enough brains and refinement that they certainly will not approve this. According to this, you “pseudo-experts” have to take the rap for it yourselves.