“The Young Wild Ones” of the BCR are planning a “Good News” websites for a “Cleaning” on Google!

In order to “clean out” all the “BAD NEWS” from the first page at Google. Only “GOOD NEWS” about the snowball system Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld should be published on the websites, which are still in process. Or at least this is the plan of the “young savages” at BCR.

Lyconet-Marketer Frederik Mauersberger states an important message in a video call, regarding to this topic:


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Lyconet specialist explains the grandiose strategy 😉

In addition, did Florian Vock write and shine with his ideas (note: spelling unchanged): “What if you set up something like a donation account where everyone contributes regularly and the experienced ones get together and the band news operators get their asses kicked with good godnews pages and only good things from us are listed on the first two Google pages?”

We happily participate in this matter, due to our ability to because immediately refute all the “good news” about the snowball system. Whereby it must be clarified what one considers as “good news” at all. The usual sayings that “everything goes through the roof”, “If one is not there now, will regret it for the rest of their life”, “Nobody will know Amazon in three years” or “World domination” might not be suitable as “Good News”. Maybe they will finally publish reliable figures of actual sales and how they are composed of, and not the marketing balance sheets prepared by Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld themselves. However, that would be considered as “bad news” again.

The fact that the websites are then to be forced/pushed upon the first page of Google by themselves, shows the actual intention, namely to support the “haggling” of these fine gentlemen at this matter and written with only good intentions by themselves. Unbelievable!

Our advice to these so-called “snowball entrepreneurs”! Use the few moments of light you are granted and prove your “Good News” very precisely and conclusively, because we will question, check and, if necessary, immediately refute this “News”

You will hardly get a confirmation of your upline. Even if phantoms, such as Hubert Freidl himself, have to control your content. They will have enough brains and refinement that they certainly will not approve this. According to this, you “pseudo-experts” have to take the rap for it yourselves.

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  1. Gutso!!
    Gutso!! says:

    Jawohl !! Benecker !! Endlich bekommst du Druck von Lyconet wurde auch Zeit !! Alle deutschen Beiträge scheinen gesperrt zusein. Endlich wird dir das wasserhahn zu gemacht. Leg dich nicht mit einem Milliarden Industrie an.


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