Lyoness is no longer a partner of the Austrian Golf Association!

The cooperation between the Austrian Golf Association and Lyoness no longer exists, as confirmed to us in writing by the Secretary General, Mr. Robert Fiegl. In March 2015, Lyoness announced a long-lasting and groundbreaking partnership with the Austrian Golf Association and its 100,000 members. However, after only one year the “long-lasting” partnership had come to […]

Lyoness Suisse GmbH withdraws its appeal at the High Court of Appeal in Zug! The conviction as a “snowball system” is therefore final.

Journalists have treated Lyoness (now “Cashback World”) for a long time as a “pariah” and their latest press release has once again validated this deserved reputation. But have a look for yourself! Press release from the 31st of May 2015 The way Lyoness expresses itself in its latest press release is of almost unsurpassable arrogance. […]

The Lyoness General T&Cs are “NULL AND VOID”

The Supreme Court in Vienna has rejected the appeal On the 18th of May 2017, the Austrian Supreme Court in Vienna delivered a long overdue, 53-pages-long verdict (Verdict Supreme Court General T&Cs, Ref. no. 10 Ob 45/16i) regarding the General T&Cs of Lyoness and rejecting the appeal made by Lyoness. The verdict, which had been […]

The Lyoness press release on the General T&Cs verdict is wrong!

In this blog entry, I will publish the latest press release by Lyoness, in which Lyoness comments on the verdict by the Austrian Supreme Court dealing with the company’s General Terms and Conditions. I will voice an opposing point of view, uncover any lies within the press release and will explain why many of the […]