Hubert Freidl’s calculation part 2! What was said but not understood at the “online presentations” on 06.02.2021!

For marketers or those who want to become marketers and no longer want to believe the constant promises and have doubts about Hubert Freidl and his ponzi scheme, the following facts may be interesting. In the following we are going to state what the Lyconet leaders Markus Käfer and Gerry Seebacher have said themselves at […]

Hubert Freidl’s calculation! Andreas Matuska, Markus Käfer and other howler monkeys propagate with alleged “gifts to the pseudo IPO!” Part 1

It is out of the question that Hubert Freidl and his accomplices want to make a killing on his marketers with this “pseudo IPO” and withdraw any claims for repayment from the old marketers. A “race over 30 months” was launched with the online sensation. “Free shares” is announced by the “chief of the roaring […]

On our own behalf! After the TV broadcast “Caution trap”(„Vorsicht Falle“) from 30.01.2021!

In recent years, there were always some Freidl supporters who felt that they had to express their displeasure about our publications, which we could perfectly live with, but if it becomes personal and criminally relevant, I must and will react. Since the broadcast in the German public television ZDF in the TV format “Caution trap” […]