Hubert Freidl’s calculation part 2! What was said but not understood at the “online presentations” on 06.02.2021!

For marketers or those who want to become marketers and no longer want to believe the constant promises and have doubts about Hubert Freidl and his ponzi scheme, the following facts may be interesting.

In the following we are going to state what the Lyconet leaders Markus Käfer and Gerry Seebacher have said themselves at the online presentation on February 06, 2021.    

During the presentation of Markus Käfer and Gerry Seebacher it was stated that MyWorld will go public in 30 months, according to Markus Käfer ” accompanied by a very, very renowned company” (which he of course did not name).Remains to hope that he did not mean the own, because the only so far involved “renowned enterprise” was the CM Equity AG which however is no longer cooperating with Crytix d.o.o. in Slovenia (a branch of Cryptix AG) since 18.01.2021

A few notes about this presentation:

If you want to participate in the share program, cancel all your previous contracts with Lyoness in this move. Excerpt: “I irrevocably terminate all my contractual relationships with my previous contractual partner (Lyoness Europe AG).”

Important for cloud owners: “Instead of SP distributions from Customer Clouds or the Enterprise Cloud, I will receive mSP.” (small difference: I could have at least still used the Shopping Points for shopping at poor conditions, while the mSP only exist on paper and represent no value at all.)

Furthermore: “I acknowledge that my discount vouchers will not be transferred and that I will, however, receive myWorld Share Points in exchange.”

You also have to agree to the “Benefit Program” – it says: “I acknowledge that due to the change in this contractual basis, my contractual partner will also change from Lyoness Europe AG […] to MyWorld Austria GmbH […] and expressly agree to this.”

The statement continues: “As a result of the current change in the contractual basis, I lose my claim to the friendship bonus to which I have been entitled to date on the basis of my membership.”

Even on the home page of the “MyWorld Share Program,” it says, “Your myWorld Share Points (mSP) MAY be converted into company shares during the Go Public period.”

Marketers are encouraged to buy the maximum amount of Benefit Vouchers for the next 30 months (for 297 euros a month) to get as many “myWorld Share Points” as possible. The lure is that if you activate your “autoship,” meaning your automatically monthly purchase of Benefit Vouchers, in February, you’ll get triple the number of points.

Conclusion: Lyoness/Lyconet/MyWorld once again changes the contractual partner to Lyconet Global AG and tries to squeeze out another 30 months until an alleged IPO (which is of course not guaranteed). Claims from previous clouds are to be replaced by the new share cloud and thus were once again postponed into the future. The aim is to get as many members as possible to get Benefit Vouchers.

In the worst case, marketers will pay in 30×297 euros over the 30 months, for a total of 8,910 euros (not to mention the possible higher one-time payments). Even if deals could pay an average of 10% with Benefit Vouchers, in purely mathematical terms you would still have to go shopping for 89,100 euros – and pay 80,190 euros of that yourself – and Benefit Vouchers expire 3 years after the time of purchase. Is that really so advantageous?

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