Aulicio Mining Inc., partner company of GGMTrading GmbH with connections to Austrian Foreign Ministry?

Aulicio Mining Inc. in the South American country Guyana is mining gold, but the company cannot really be found.

According to the companies’ register, the purpose of GGMTrading GmbH, located in Austria, is the trading in all kinds of goods, management and utilisation of rights, especially of mining rights as well as the holding and administration of shares. At least this company does exist.

The sole holder (100% shareholder) and managing director is Katarina Kollarova who had previously been self-employed in the “health sector”.

The founder of GGMT is said to be Mr. Helmut Kaltenegger who had, among others, tried his hand with “WLM GmbH” (Wellness Lifestyle Management) and “juice of herbs against heart attacks” etc. On 14 March 2017, WLM GmbH was renamed in “Protecforall GmbH” and on 3 May 2019, it was finally wound up due to lack of funds according to § 40 FBG. Just like GGMT is now, WLM GmbH was registered at Naaffgasse 80/2, in Vienna. Earlier, Helmut Kaltenegger was in the headlines with “AH Futura”. Here, clients had to buy an overpriced coffee system (about 4,000.- euro) from the company AH Futura in order to become a sales partner (franchisee). The purchase price was usually debt financed via a bank recommended by AH Futura. In the end, a lot of clients found themselves confronted with payment requests or even court claims lodged by the bank. Some of the clients were not even aware of the fact that they had signed a loan agreement and haven’t even contacted a bank themselves. On 15 September 2018, AH Futura Sales GmbH also was wound up due to lack of funds according to § 40 FBG.

Aulicio Mining Inc.

The current partner company of GGMT GmbH, Aulicio Mining Inc. in Guyana, cannot be transparently be found, just like it was the case with Helmut Kaltenegger’s previous companies. The registered owner of Aulicio Mining Inc. is Ms. Olga Aulicio from Guyana. She is neither related directly or by marriage nor married to Mr. Alexander scheller. And yet now it would be important for the recruited clients (buyers of mining rights) to be provided with transparent and verifiable company information. Although there is a “Certificate of Incorporation” of Aulicio Mining Inc., the company cannot be found in any internationally available company register. After a telephone inquiry at the “Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority“ (DCRA) in Georgetown/Guyana, the registration of Aulicio Mining Inc. has not been confirmed yet. The letter of request we sent to DCRA has been left unanswered so far. It should be in the interest of GGMT that the mining fee that has to be payed to the government of Guyana actually has been payed and this also should be published. This certainly would give respective clients (buyers of mining rights) the feeling of security.

Originally planned ELDO-COIN

According to our information, there was no ELDO-COIN and it also has never been programmed! Stories about the ELDO-COIN and their alleged sale are said to be made up completely. Further investigation will show whether these “stories” came from GGMT or its former partner company. Mining rights were offered until the end of January 2019, then they were discontinued without substitution. The buyers of mining rights voluntarily switched to buying gold and were held harmless.

Supposed connections with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

GGMT and its sales partners advertise themselves with a supposed connection to the Austrian Foreign Ministry and a director called Alexander Scheller. Meanwhile, we found out that Mr. Alexander Scheller does not have any rights or function within Aullicio Minging Inc. since he I still working for the Austrian Foreign Ministry. He holds the post of a speaker of the Library for International Affairs. Mineralogy and geology have been hobbies of the 62-years-old for a long time.

We also received the hint that several images on the website of GGMT in connection with Aulicio Mining Inc. were photomontages.

But there is definitely no cooperation with the Austrian Foreign Ministry. This was confirmed by the Ministry:

“The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs does not cooperate in principle with companies for commercial purposes. We can exclude such a cooperation with the mentioned company.

Peter Guschelbauer, speaker of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.”

Further investigations will explain in which way Alexander Scheller from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is mentioned on the website of GGMT, is involved in the case.

Swiss Lyoness foundations „Child & Family Foundation” and “Greenfinity Foundation” deleted by Supervisory Authority due to “destitute.” Foundations were “bled out and penniless.”! (Part 1)

On the websites of its two foundations, MyWorld replaced the Swiss foundations with the Austrian associations, whereby the name “Lyoness” vanished. Quietly and discretely, Lyoness/MyWorld actors let the deletion of the Swiss foundations happen and exchanged the Swiss foundations named in the imprint with Austrian associations of the same name. According to our information, MyWorld has never announced the official deletion of the two foundations.

The Federal Office of Justice (BJ), Swiss Federal Commercial Registry Office (EHRA) publishes:

Child & Family Foundation

“The foundation is dissolved according to the Supervisory Authority’s decree of 14 December 2018.The foundation will be deleted.” This decree was issued on 24 December 2018 and published on 9 April 2019.

Greenfinity Foundation

“The foundation is dissolved according to the Supervisory Authority’s decree of 15 January 2019. The foundation will be deleted.” This decree was issued on 15 January and published on 4 July 2019

Large sums of money exported from Switzerland

Parallel to the foundations, Austrian associations of the same name (Child & Family Foundation, founded on 23 January 2004 and Greenfinity Foundation, founded on 29 December 2016) have been established.

It has always been conspicuous that so-called foundation travellers from Switzerland started their trips, e.g. to Tanzania, from Vienna, sometimes bringing with them five-figure sums of money. Have these sums been declared at the departure from Switzerland? We are going dig deeper.

Advertisement continues despite deletion

Although the Child & Family Foundation had already been dissolved by an official decree of 14 December 2018, they kept on advertising. For example, on 14 August 2019 the foundation was promoted with “All-in-one drinks for the Philippines” via the Austrian Press Agency (APA).

In principle, it is laudable when a company is involved in community work and supports those who need help, but Columbian drug lords also used to build schools and churches.