Italian media with articles about Hubert Freidl’s pyramid scheme on TikTok & haben sich umfassenden Artikel und Beiträgen mit den Unternehmen von Hubert Freidl beschäftigt. hat alleine auf Facebook eine Reichweite von 8,5 Millionen Follower. Lassen wir die Artikel selbst für sich sprechen: h Original article: “Dicevano che sarei diventato ricco senza sforzi, invece ho perso tutti i soldi”: finisce sotto inchiesta Lyoness, […]

WISE financial service provider dubious? Access to accounts was deactivated and credit was withheld! Support remains silent!

Wise is a private company based in London, United Kingdom. The company was founded back in 2011, making it one of the first fintech companies. The company started under the name TransferWise and changed its name to Wise in early 2021. A key feature of a WISE account is the ability to receive up to […]

Hubert Freidl and his $500 million private fortune!   

Freidl’s 40-meter yacht is named “MAGIC”, his private fortune of $500 million is magical too, which should have every member/marketer and pseudo-shareholder at myWorld fuming.   With a private fortune of USD 500 million, it should be easy for Freidl to pay the injured parties from his scheme and refund the CHF 30 million to Lyoness […]

Marko Sedovnik stripped of his directorship and banned for two years by court order of the Commercial Court of Cardiff 

Lyoness veteran Marko Sedovnik was banned from acting as a director and officer of a company for two years from 8 March 2024 by a court order issued by the Commercial Court of Cardiff on 16 February 2024. The reason given for this decision was his “activities and behaviour as a director at myWorld” and, according to […]

Freidl’s corporate networks and the flow of funds?!  

As previously reported by BEKM, Lyoness Europe, based in Switzerland, has been in bankruptcy since the end of 2023. The independent commissioned audit report identified links between a large number of companies. Hubert Freidl’s company structure was presumably deliberately designed to be as complicated as possible, and most of the 50ish companies were used to […]

Consumer protection wins over Lyconet: But when will the judgment be implemented?  

Although the Vienna Commercial Court has ruled that Lyconet’s general terms and conditions are invalid, they are still being used. Even the required publication in a national newspaper (KRONEN-Zeitung) has not yet appeared. There is not even a warning function on the website of the Austrian consumer association, everything seems to have fizzled. We believe […]

Freidl’s lawyers send letters with threatening potential to injured parties! 

Hubert Freidl is out of touch. How can a marketer from the world’s largest shopping community be so dissatisfied? The answer is simple, if the promises of “passive income” turn out to be false and only investments are made into the system for years.   Many injured parties have forwarded us the following standardized letter from […]