Freidl’s lawyers send letters with threatening potential to injured parties! 

Hubert Freidl is out of touch. How can a marketer from the world’s largest shopping community be so dissatisfied? The answer is simple, if the promises of “passive income” turn out to be false and only investments are made into the system for years.  

Many injured parties have forwarded us the following standardized letter from Freidl’s lawyers and have responded in a very relaxed manner. If you receive a similar letter in the mail or by e-mail soon, you too can remain calm: 

Excerpts from a lawyer’s letter:  

“It may have escaped your attention that you – represented by XXXXXXX – have filed several criminal charges against our company (as well as other companies and individuals) with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office for White‐Collar Crime and Corruption (WKStA).  

In these charges, you accuse us of no less than the crimes and offences of aggravated commercial fraud, fraudulent corruption, the establishment of or participation in a criminal organization, the operation of chain or pyramid schemes and violations of the obligation to publish a prospectus.  

You will certainly understand that under these conditions we have no interest in maintaining or continuing your contractual relationship with ID XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and therefore consider it to be terminated for this cause with immediate effect.  

We expressly reserve the right to take further steps against you at this point.” 

The recipient of such a letter may feel compelled or threatened to reconsider their criminal complaint to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office for White‐Collar Crime and Corruption. There may also be a risk of Freidl attempting to conceal the criminal offence.  

Note: Freidl has now explained or attempted to explain his business model in a 72-page statement. We will publish his statements soon. As of now he has outdone himself by reducing Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld to absurdity. 

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