Cashback World Germany / Fake cooperations and what Lyconet marketers and members don’t want to understand!

ZALANDO, NETTO Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG, HERTZ, ADIDAS AG, COMMERZBANK AG, HRS, EUROWINGS GmbH, IDEALO, HERVIS Sport- und Modegesellschaft mbH, MÖVENPICK Deutschland GmbH, AVIRA, BONPRIX, NIVEA Beiersdorf AG and many more are not partner companies or cooperation partners!  What the Lyconet marketer simply does not want to understand: If an employer orders twenty vouchers […]

Father files criminal charges against Black Diamond leader! Minors at the event on October 11th, 2020. BD-Leaders know no age limits just like Lyconet!

In Hanover-Latzen, a justifiably concerned father filed a criminal complaint against the Black Diamond Leaders. His underaged daughter was a participant in a marketing seminar and we were assured that the BD-Leaders knew that the participant was a minor. Among the participants in this “pusher party” are Inga Schwiebert, Melanie Büttner, David Kahl, Kay Hopfenbruch, […]

“Chicago Lane real estate!” Difficult birth, a second “Ground-breaking ceremony” and many uncertainties!

With a real estate project of this magnitude, it is highly unusual that information is withheld and that the buyer does not officially identify himself at first and only hangs around with his disciples within the social media. At this point, the lawyer of the Austrian project developer has now confirmed the sale of the […]

10,000 new marketers recruited in Germany! Result of a “dropout” at Lyoness/Lyconet! “Lost money and many friends!”

Again an article in the German speaking daily newspaper about the activities of “Black Diamond Suxess Club & the Black Diamond ÖWA” who are advertising for the Lyconet pyramid scheme. But there is even more to be said about the “dropout”. He was an “old hand” (personally known to the editors) in the business, holding […]

“Chicago Lane”/EC X property: “Groundbreaking” just for show! Building contractors and architects do not know myWorld!

“The name myWorld Real Estate tells us nothing at all “and” …we only heard of a groundbreak through the request of the local press, ” stated the building contractor. Neither does the architect’s office know a company “myWorld Real Estate” nor does the building contractor. Of an alleged long-term letting at REGUS do both know […]

“Black Diamond Leader” in a pack for the photo shooting “Groundbreaking” together with Hubert Freidl to Hanover! After that, the scenery was dismantled!

Thanks in advance to our “whistleblowers” at the “clubs”, who already must have bleeding ears or a nervous breakdown from all the “shaka shaka talk” of these rip-offs. Keep through friends! The “ground-breaking ceremony” is a fixed expression for the beginning of work on a construction site. So much for the general definition. Lyconet/Black Diamond/myWorld […]

“New Press” Hanover: “Dubious advertisers for the ponzi-scheme on the loose”

The activities of the “Black Diamond Suxess Club” from Cologne & “Black Diamond ÖWA” from Hanover did not go unnoticed. Only a few days ago, the “best pusher” were awarded at the “Lyconet Online Sensation” for their aggressive canvassing of new customers in the Cologne/Hanover area for the legally convicted snowball system “Lyoness/Lyconet”, which is […]

“Lyconet Online Sensation 2020”, is indeed a sensation!

The fact that Hubert Freidl is still able to stay on the market with such a dazzle and the pyramid scheme is the real sensation here! The “Lyconet Online Sensation 2020” was postponed to the 28th of September 2020 due to technical reasons and we witnessed the…. let’s call it……whatever…! We had to deliberate for […]

CLOUD X- Real Estate “Chicago Lane Office Suites” in Hanover and the construction period of the international “Airport Berlin BER!

Berlin BER Airport has been under construction in Schönefeld, Brandenburg, since September 5th, 2006 and is scheduled to be opened on the October 31st, 2020. By now, the 1 GBP pound company “myWorld Real Estate Ltd.” has a time limit of almost 14 ½ years to break this record!   In November 2018, the daily […]