10,000 new marketers recruited in Germany! Result of a “dropout” at Lyoness/Lyconet! “Lost money and many friends!”

Again an article in the German speaking daily newspaper about the activities of “Black Diamond Suxess Club & the Black Diamond ÖWA” who are advertising for the Lyconet pyramid scheme. But there is even more to be said about the “dropout”.

He was an “old hand” (personally known to the editors) in the business, holding the best rapidly rising position in the Lyoness/Lyconet pyramid scheme. “My conscience has been on hold for six years while I worked for this gang.”

He had realized far too late how everything actually worked and that basically everyone within the structure was also being lied to, just so that sales could be generated for the very limited “leadership elite at the top”. Organizing various events to amuse his own troop and constantly fuelling the downline with pithy sayings was his “daily bread”, as he reports. Competitions broke out among us, referred to as “managers”, to determine who could generate more sales per month with “his people”. “Tell them what they want to hear, but write positions positions positions”.

This is not unheard of, after all, there is a video with Lyconet guru Hubert Freidl, in which he demands of his disciples with similar wording: “Write positions positions positions at the pool. This video is almost 10 years old, the “Black Diamond Leaders” were still wearing braces at that time, but this credo is still valid and is still carried on by those whose conscience is currently pausing. Here is the translation of the newspaper article…………….

A pyramid scheme in Hanover: A dropout spills the beans
Jürgen Schmaler (51, name changed) was considered as a manager at “Lyoness”. He was able to persuade many people to participate in the pyramid scheme. Behind his financial disaster, there is often a more humane one.

Jürgen Schmaler (51, name changed) no longer understands himself today. In 2011, the successful businessman had fallen for the fine sayings of the representatives of “Lyoness”. The company has changed its name, but the scam has remained. “This is a pyramid scheme,” says Schmaler.

It is in his nature to devote himself to a cause with skin and hair. He has succeeded in winning over more than 10,000 people for the pyramid scheme. “I was an executive,” as he says with regret in his voice. The naked numbers: Jürgen Schmaler had deposited 40,000 euros into three accounts. In the course of six years, he had spent another 300,000 euros on hotels, meetings, traveling and food. “I probably got 60,000 euros back.” After six years of working around the clock. He only survived this time because of his many private debts.

New company name, same old scam

Currently, “Black Diamond” advertises through Instagram predominantly to reach through young people in the region of Hanover. They should participate in a “Cashback-Card” and recruit new people. “It is the temptation to earn a lot of money by doing nothing”, explains Schmaler. He went to “Black Diamond” in Cologne to see if people are still being tricked. His verdict: “It’s the same scam.” Even more. “The man at Black Diamond copied my own slogans.”

According to the business journalist Ben Ecker and the “Wirtschaftswoche”, no major company participates in the “Card”, it is all a bluff. “They simply lie”, said Jürgen Schmaler about the manipulators.

Advertising with real estate on the Expo site
Is there now a bluffing with large office properties? An office building, the “Chicago Lane Office Suites”, is to be built on the Expo site in Hanover. Here, too, the devotees of the pyramid scheme can collect “shopping points”. But the construction work was supposed to start as early as in 2019, yet nothing has happened. The investor is not available. A Tobias P., who is responsible for the key accounts, answers his cell phone. Following a request from NP (-short for “Neue Presse”) at the end of September, he explained that construction work would now begin at the beginning of October.

In the videos of “Black Diamond” the building is already under construction and a large part is already rented. According to the NP informations, the property also serves as a “chill pill” when people ask what has happened to their money.

In aesthetically pleasing advertising videos or podcasts, young people in particular are persuaded to recklessly put their money at risk. “I was blinded,” says Jürgen Schmaler. The marketing of the companies is very good. With further inquiries one is again and again put off. From time to time one would then also get a little money.

The Cologne public prosecutor’s office investigates for fraud
On paper, the companies are independent, but intertwined, says Schmaler. They are called “Lyconet”, “My World” or “Black Diamond”. The colors of “My World Real Estate” are wafting across the Expo grounds. The public prosecutor’s office in Cologne is investigating the pyramid scheme for fraud.

Behind the financial catastrophe there is often also a personal one. “I got a lot of friends and acquaintances involved in the business,” says the dropout. When the money was gone, many had already lost friends.

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  1. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    When are gullible people with half a brain going to wake up to this rubbish.

    People do your own research and due diligence and stop just accepting the Corporate SPIN, BS, LIES, COVER UPS and FAKE NEWS to find the TRUTH.
    How true is the ‘Definition of STUPID’.

    * Knowing the truth,
    * Seeing the truth, but
    * Still believing the lies.


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