“Chicago Lane real estate!” Difficult birth, a second “Ground-breaking ceremony” and many uncertainties!

With a real estate project of this magnitude, it is highly unusual that information is withheld and that the buyer does not officially identify himself at first and only hangs around with his disciples within the social media.

At this point, the lawyer of the Austrian project developer has now confirmed the sale of the “Chicago Lane Real Estate” to “myWorld Real Estate”. We do not have anything official yet, but one can trust this lawyer, particularly as he has nothing to do with the Kanzlei Reif & Partner from Graz. A building permit has only been available for three months.  

From now on everyone who knows Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld and is familiar with the simplest basic arithmetic math, masters the question, how is all this supposed to work and where does the money come from? Who invested with what exact funds here? Profits from the cashback, eventWorld etc. cannot be the reason, is the money from the sale of the EC X and the newly recruited members being spent? If so, myWorld would have a problem! Does the money come from the various companies in Malta and/or Cyprus? The responsible authorities will have to deal with that.

In what relation should the owner of the property participate in the property, and moreover, with these terms and conditions of use? Maybe one of the BCR, BD or Lyconet-MatheGenius can calculate it for us in a comprehensible way? What has Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld already announced in the past as “sensations”. The own Mastercard was a “downright lie” proven by court, other different cashback bank cards as well, where is “Eyetime”(?), there should be no competition since 2019, the previous payouts of the individual clouds are also a disaster, will Amazon still be around next year since myWorld Marketplace is online? Good God, please!

At the latest at the newly scheduled court date at the commercial court, the “myWorld financial expert Mrs. Claudia Kapun” will have to explain how all this is calculated and composed. We are all very excited about it! Presupposed that the lady does not get “sick for a day” for the fourth time in a row, as in the last two years. 

In the meantime we know the background, more about this in the next articles!

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