Exclusive Interview on Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld

Lawyer and University Professor Miguel Ángel Fernández-Salinero San Martín

The Austrian Central Public Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (WKStA) is currently conducting an elaborate investigation against Hubert Freidl and a dozen other individuals, including a client advisor from a renowned Austrian bank. Investigations into Hubert Freidl’s system are also underway in Germany and other countries. Another lawsuit is currently being prepared at the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the legal basis for which is also explained in this interview.

In this interview, we focus on the current situation in Spain, where investigations were initiated at the end of 2023 by the UDEF CENTRAL of the National Police. (we reported! Insert link here). We are in regular contact with afectadosporlyoness.es, who cooperate with the following interview partner.

The journalist from BE Conflikt Management, Andrea Llovell, recently conducted an interview with the Spanish lawyer Professor San Martín from Crown Acquisitions, a law firm in Madrid.

Miguel Ángel Fernández-Salinero San Martín is a renowned lawyer and university professor specializing in economic crimes. He has more than twenty years of experience with criminal cases in the fields of Ponzi schemes, crypto fraud, money laundering, criminal bankruptcies, tax offenses, and criminal organizations. He is also the president of the National Association of People Affected by Fraud and Ponzi Schemes (ANDAEP), a non-profit organization.

Topics discussed in the interview:

  • The criminality related to pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes in Spain compared to other countries.
  • What is the central UDEF and how does it differ from a regular prosecutor’s office?
  • How he legally evaluates Lyoness and the Hubert Freidl system.
  • The myWorld IPO (Initial Public Offering) and why it fails to meet regulatory legal requirements.
  • Why myWorld allegedly constitutes a pyramid/Ponzi scheme under Spanish or EU law.

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We will subsequently publish more interviews about the investigations against Hubert Freidl and various supporting actors in Norway, Turkey, and Germany. We see it as our duty to continue informing about allegedly illegal business practices, regardless of the new and completely unrealistic promises and forecasts from Lyconet/myWorld.

To be continued…

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