REWE & PENNY deny partnership or collaboration with myWorld/Lyoness/Lyconet

The REWE Group is an internationally active company group based in Cologne dating back to the year 1927. The group’s sales lines include Billa, Penny, REWE and TOOM as well as DER Touristik Germany and ITS Reisen travel agents. Turnover from the entire REWE Group amounted to €54.14 billion in the 2016 fiscal year. Seeing […]

„Lyconet-Elite Seminar“ 2020 will again take place in Veltins Arena!

Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The seminar that had attracted people from all over Europe to Gelsenkirchen will also in 2020 take place in the arena. The event organiser rejects any allegations. The dubious “Elite-Seminar” organised by the company “Lyconet” that took place last weekend in the Veltins Arena and had made people from all over Europe to […]

“Lyconet a sect!”. Affected woman complains about Lyconet experience

On June, 18, the newspaper “WAZ” has relased a third article concerning the dubious Lyconet event at Veltins Arena. Gelsenkirchen, Germany. More than 40,000 people joined the Lyconet seminar at Veltins Arena. A Woman speaks about her experiences with the company. The dubious “elite seminar” of Lyconet which had lured over 40,000 people from all […]

Lyconet! My Insta profile, my yacht, my debts!

The “WirtschaftsWoche” from Germany is probably one of the most traditional economics journals far and wide. It is characterized by a very high professional competence and great influence on the formation of opinion. The following article was published on June 14, 2019: My Insta profile, my yacht, my debts! Ironically in social networks the oldest […]

More than 40,000 visitors at dubious seminar in Veltins Arena!

Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 40,000 people from all over Europe visited Schalke Arena at the weekend. The seminar’s organiser is controversial and partly prohibited. Whoever walked along the Veltins Arena last weekend could not overlook them: thousands of cars from all over Europe were not just standing in the regular car parks but also in side streets. […]