„Lyconet-Elite Seminar“ 2020 will again take place in Veltins Arena!

Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The seminar that had attracted people from all over Europe to Gelsenkirchen will also in 2020 take place in the arena. The event organiser rejects any allegations.

The dubious “Elite-Seminar” organised by the company “Lyconet” that took place last weekend in the Veltins Arena and had made people from all over Europe to come to Gelsenkirchen is again going to take place in the same location next year. This was confirmed on wednesday by Maria Samos from Fullstop PR in Berlin who organised the major event.

There were even more than 40,000 people

“The arena is big enough for our requirements and is outstandingly suitable for a multi-day event”, Samos explains the choice of the Schalke stadium. Different to the original reports, clearly more than 30,000 people had participated last weekend. “There ware 42,000 visitors”, Samos said.

Residents were quite surprised to hear party sounds and loud bass tones coming from an “elite seminar”. Samos: “Of course, we are trying to create a suitable supporting programme. This includes music now and then.” In principle, there had primarily been presentations and lectures by networking and marketing specialists.

Company construct is already prohibited in Norway

“Lyconet” is part of the Austrian “Lyoness International AG” that was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Switzerland. In 2018 they changed the name to “myWorld”. The elusive company construct with its cashback model is highly controversial and has already been prohibited in Norway due to being an “illegal Ponzi scheme”, in Italy, “a penalty of 3.2 million Euro therefore was imposed on the company. Lyconet cannot understand why there is a prohibition in Norway.”

Recruitment of so-called “Marketers”

Owners of the so-called “Cashback Card” that promises discounts on certain products, do not have to pay anything for the use. Initially, this was wrongly claimed by the editors. On the other hand, the so-called “Marketers” have to pay amounts of more than EUR 2.000 to be able to move up to being a “Premium Marketer” of the network marketing of “Lyoness”, “myWorld” or “Lyconet” – how ever they may call the company. In turn, this will only work out by recruiting further marketers. This is exactly what events like the one at Veltins Arena are about. Ticket prices of the event were at least at EUR 199, -. In Switzerland and Austria, the company construct therefore has already been classified as a snowball system.

City has little say in the leasing of the arena

The leasing of Veltins Arena for concerts or private events is all up to the arena’s management. “There is little we can do, as long as everything is legal”, said city’s spokesman Martin Schulmann. The event had been announced correctly because building and safety regulations had to be observed.

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